March 31, 2012

Day 34: Underground

I don't have any pictures of snails.  It did rain today, but they are nowhere to be found.  Perhaps they are still conspiring in their underground lair.  They're waiting for the huge rainstorm so they can gather all the fellow snails from neighboring lawns.  Still no idea what they are planning.  I don't speak snail.  I don't think they even make any noise.  If they did, I imagine it would something similar to entish.  Maybe that's why its taking so long.  I assume they are ready for attack but they could still be saying hello to each other.  I guess the only thing to do is wait. 

Inspiration Fail

I never know what to do when I get inspired by things that have already been created. In general, I tend to have a lot of integrity over the things I write about. I don't like plagiarism. I make an effort not to plagiarize. And yet, every once in a while someone comes up with a concept so awesome that I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame, wishing so badly that I was the one to come up with the idea and inspired to work with it myself.

I'm wondering how many other people have this problem and what the solution to it is. Do you steal it and twist it around enough to make it your own? Do you leave it as someone else's concept and lament your inadequacy? Do you take the basic structure or the specific parts you like, plundering it like Moses and his people did the Egyptians? I dunno. I suppose once a piece of work is created, it's available to the public, but there are still basic rights a person has to their created work.

So I lie a quandary and frustrated with my indecision to proceed or not to proceed.

Day 33: High Council

John took this picture yesterday during one of his laundry runs.  It is clear they are organizing.  Unfortunately their plans had to be put on hold because its not raining today.  Perhaps they took their meetings underground.  That seems like a much more sinister place to have meetings.  Maybe they have some kind of building down there.  Perhaps I should be more worried about these goings-on. 

March 30, 2012


Sometimes there are certain issues that arise in my parents' household that make no sense to me.  One of these things was the toaster incident.

We had a toaster for years and it was a good toaster.  It toasted things and popped them when they were toasted.  Only once or twice in the entire reign of this toaster did I ever receive burnt things, usually when someone had accidentally knocked the setting so that it was way higher than it ought to have been.  But by and by, this toaster got old and somehow the plug got pulled off of it.  At this point, normal people would throw the toaster away.  However, my parents are resourceful.  While it was clever that my dad simply found a way to replace the plug and continue to use the toaster, the sad truth is that the plug was not the only issue with the toaster.

Half the time when you plugged it in, the toaster would not toast.  You'd set it and walk away, but you'd wonder why you never smelled toasting things and why it never popped.  When you went back to check on it (perhaps while making eggs which were meant to go with the toast), you realized that the toaster was not working, despite having lowered your toast and catching it.  So you unplug it and try again.  And again.  And again.  At this point your eggs were either done or over cooked and either way they were going to be cold when the toaster finally deigned to work for you.

Then one day, I came downstairs and we had a NEW toaster.  And this toaster was not just a was a TOASTER.  It had buttons to differentiate between toast, bagels, english muffins, and waffles.  It had settings for specific browning qualities of each.  You pushed buttons and twisted knobs until you had masterfully crafted your breafast into perfection, plus it still did four pieces of toast at once.  It is the greatest toaster mankind has ever created.  And yet this was a source of contention in my family!  My mom was angry...angry!...that a new toaster had been purchased when we had a "perfectly good" toaster already and complained about it at length for days.

Suffice to say, I am stealing this toaster when I move out.  It will remove the issues and I will own the greatest toaster of all time.

An image of the best toaster ever.

March 29, 2012

Day 32: Snails

There are snails just outside of our apartment plotting things.  They come out when it rains to remind us that they're there... and get stepped on.  Lucky for them, I'm not that heartless.  It's hard to portray their everywhere-ness in a single photo because they're small and don't like to gather for group pictures because it takes too long.  However, I managed to get a few individual shots.

The two on the ground had just finished copulating and began to slither away from each other in shame before I came out to snap a picture.  I'm pretty sure the other one thinks he's spider-man.

In this one, if you look really close, you can see BABIES!  Not the big fat ass in the bottom right corner, I just got him in the shot for reference.  There's like 5 baby snails total.  I'd adopt one but I'm pretty sure Olive would just eat it.  Plus when they get older, they don't look as cute.  They're just slugs with shells. 

There's like 50 more snails on the lawn.  Maybe they're having an old fashioned tent revival.  Except in snail world its bring your own tent. 


I had a lot of strange dreams when I was a child.  One of them was to become a strom chaser.  I wanted to do this long before the movie Twister came out, but that really only made me want to do it more.  It was exciting and they kept running into tornadoes that were bigger and bigger than the last.  Even in the end, you could just strap yourself to a pipe in a shack and live.  I. E. tornadoes weren't that scary unless you were the bad guy.

I don't remember the day I realized they would never have survived the last tonrado.  Strapping yourself down to a pipe is stupid, not to mention you would never outrun a storm like that.  I do remember that was the day I decided not to be a storm chaser because there was no need to be one anymore.  Most of the scientific work had already been done and what little there was to be done was boring scientific work.  Who wants to do that?  I wanted to be a storm chaser to have adventures, not to do science!

I actually still like the movie though.  It's campy, but it's the good kind of campy and it possesses a certain sentimental quality to me.  Perhaps one day I'll go on a storm chase just for the thrill of it.  Stand-by for pictures.

March 28, 2012

Day 31: Books

You know what I find the most baffling about the Hunger Games?  The fact that I didn't even know it existed until the movie trailer came out.  I read all the Harry Potter books.  I read all 4 Twilight books before the first movie came out.  How did I not hear about this series that was supposedly "so popular"?  What else is the book world keeping from me?  I feel neglected.  Not that I have any time to read any more books.  I'm still half way through Memnoch the Devil.  I'm pretty sure its been almost a year since I started that book.  It's a shame too because its really good and I really wanna finish it but all this pesky school reading is getting in my way. 


I think this blog is turning into "funny stories about cats".  They just have so much personality!

Today, Cat was winding her way through our living room furniture.  This is a thing she does to alert us to her presence, when she wants us to know she's here.  Her tail sticks up in the air like a flag and she makes a point of weaving in and out of every piece of furniture.  As she rounded the corner of "coffee table" and "couch" avenue, she realized our lab/collie mix (Molli) was lying at the end of the intersection blocking her way.  The dog was paying her absolutely no mind, which just would not do.  So Cat, being the respectable feline that she is, walked right up to Molli and stared at her for ten seconds.  At which point, Cat nimbly lept over the dog, clearing her by a foot and landing five feet way from where she started on the other side.  Her form was perfect as she did so; back arched, tail up for balance, feet splayed.  After her victory, she walked away to find a piece of sun to celebrate her status as an accomplished acrobat.

Cats are weird.

March 27, 2012

Day 30: Back to School

Well, my spring break is coming to an end in a few hours.  Tonight I will venture back to Sac State to learn more about what people thought about the Apocalypse 300 years ago.  I guess that means less amusing myself with Olive and her house avoidance tenancies.  As I type, she is currently asleep on our bed in our bedroom.  Cats are bad at reading. 

Unlike Kris, I did not give anything up for lent.  I should have given up sweets because it might have helped me loose some weight.  Perhaps I'll do that next year even though by then, I will have lost all my weight and wont need to loose any more. 


I have been waiting for Lent days to come around to the T's so that I can talk about tea.  It's funny because it sounds like "t" and is also in itself a seperate entity!  But this is not why I want to discuss tea.

Just writing a blog a day was not the only thing I was doing for Lent.  I also gave up soda.  Now this doesn't seem like much, because I usually try to drink juice or tea anyway, but I have learned how much I actually DO drink pop with the massive amounts of tea I've been drinking.  Now don't get me wrong, I love tea, but I have never drunk it as much as I have the past few weeks of lent.  Innitially any time anyone opened up a can of pop near me, I could SMELL it and it tempted me with its sweet carbonated goodness.  But (unlike posting daily) this is something I have successfully managed to resist and now I no longer feel the siren call of the fizzy can.

Oh no, what I am addicted to now is tea.  I have not gone a day without drinking tea since Lent started and I've noticed some really interesting things lately.  A) I've gotten over my allergies a LOT faster than I ever have before.  I didn't even use medicine this time, just drank tea and boom, done in five days.  B) The stomach aches I usually get from having anxiety disorder have completely disappeared.  C) I feel more awake than when I drink a can of pop for caffiene or even coffee.  Bottom line:  tea is awesome.  I'm not talking about the stuff you get in the individually wrapped bags, though.  I've become rather fond of loose-leaf tea.  You get a more robust tea from loose-leaf and it just tastes better.

Oh!  Oh!  And did you know you can mix tea with liquor?  Yes!  They are coming up with specialty drinks which are made with tea.  Like tea martinis.  James Bond was British people, if these existed in his world, he would only drink tea martinis, shaken not stirred.

So in conclusion, tea is awesome.  Go get some!

March 26, 2012

Day 29: Apartment

It's almost as if she prefers to be uncomfortable.  The only reason the cat carrier is even out is so I could threaten to put her in it when she's misbehaving.  Apparently that's not really a punishment.  Maybe I should move the sign over and change it to "Olive Goodin's Apartment".  She's not ready to be a homeowner yet. 


Since I usually spend Sundays writing about an unusual word, but spent this Sunday playing Skyrim instead, I will have to do my unusual word post today.  Here it is!  Tobacosis.  Apparently it means tobaco poisoning.  As if it isn't bad enough that you can get cancer from tobaco products, apparently it can also poison you.  So says the internet anyway.  I wonder if "tobacosis" is an actual poisoning or if it is what cancer was before they knew it was cancer.  I'm not going to look it up right now, however, because as I said I'm still playing Skyrim.

Also, if you haven't seen Skyrim, you wouldn't understand.  It's a Skyrim thing....Skyrim.  That is all.

Terrible Person

So I spent 17 hours yesterday playing Skyrim.  That is why I didn't post.  I am a terrible human being.  Also, I'm playing Skyrim as I write this post.  Now you know.

March 24, 2012

Day 28: Movies!

Today is going to the movies day.  But first its eat Thai food day.  This day is that awesome that we can do BOTH THINGS.  It's a good thing to because I am STARVING right now.  That may be a tad bit of an over exaggeration.  But that's okay because we're going to get food soon. 

It is sure to be a successful evening because I am wearing my double unicorn success club t-shirt.  That means nothing in the history of ever can go wrong while I am wearing it.  I will also wear my special flower but I can't put it in right now because John is hogging the only room with a mirror in it. 

Girls can't operate without mirrors.  It's against the laws of girl-ness.  We need to be able to check how pretty we are every 5 minutes.  I think its just cause girls have an awful memory so we forget what we look like.  That's also why we like boys to tell us how pretty we look because it reminds us that we're pretty when we haven't checked a mirror recently.  That's also why we take pictures of ourselves so that when we're old and old-lady pretty, we can remember that we used to be young-girl pretty.  We like to remember all the different ways in which we used to be pretty. 

This post has really gotten away from the main idea.  That's okay.  Movies are pretty.  Ha!  See!  I made a connection. 


One day, I came home from going out with my friends to find a crazy, small animal scurrying around our house.  She would run from one end of the house to the other over and over again.  If you tried to walk anywhere, she'd appear out of nowhere, leap a foot into the air (but was careful NOT to touch you), and then scurry away as though nothing happened.  My parents told me they had picked her because when they walked by the display, she was hurling herself at the window, sticking with her pads, and slowly sliding down the glass; wash, rinse, repeat.  I dubbed her "Cat", even though my Mom wanted to name her "Isis".  My name stuck.

Cat does not like me, even though I don't know why.  She used to wrapper herself around my arm and let me carry her places.  Now, if I so much as touch her head, she has to bathe herself.  If I touch her again, she'll bathe herself again and again and again.  I think she thinks I'm dirty and somehow my hands are soiling her fur.  If I'm trying to sleep on the couch, she'll climb up the back and hang on the material, swing her body around, and swat my head until I wake up.  Then she simply drops to the ground and runs away.  I am desperately trying to record this to prove the validity of my claim.  Cat is also camera shy.

Cat grew up with our dog Molli and she thinks she's part dog.  If we play fetch with Molli, Cat will bring her toy for us to throw, chase it, and retrieve it like a dog.  As she's grown, she's gotten better at figuring out ways of catching it so she doesn't have to chase it.  She'll leap into the air and snatch it with her paws to avoid having to go all the way to the other side of the house and back.  She also thinks she's a vulture because most of the time she sits in her cat tree over my head, looming down, reminiscent of Snoopy from the Charlie Brown series.

All this is lead up to a strange happening today.  I came downstairs and no one else was in the house, but the answering machine was beeping.  I went over to see if it was a message left for me when I felt something thump against my leg and begin to curl around it.  Surprisingly it was Cat.  She must have been feeling lonely because she then lay down and let me pet her for a full five minutes.  Of course as soon as she heard my parents coming back, she ran off.  She can't be seen with me, I make her dirty by association.  But perhaps, just perhaps, she's starting to warm up to me.

I'm not cool like Angela, I have no pictures of Cat to show.  You'll just have to imagine a black and white Cat!

March 23, 2012

Day 27: It's really day 27

Kris is definitely winning Lent this year.  She hasn't missed a single day.  Even on her days off. 

Today is a special day because John and I get to see Ashley!  She's driving all the way from Visalia just to see us.  I worked with Ashley almost every day last summer at Sequoia.  I'm not sure how long she actually worked at Sequoia because she worked at Wuksachi before she came to Lodgepole.  I used to see her sometimes in store but I can't really remember how long ago that was.  I'm gonna go ahead and say FOREVER AGO.  Anyway, she's coming over today.  I'm not really sure when.  Visalia's like 4 hours from here.  Or 3 hours.  Hopefully she's here by dinner time because we have AWESOME THINGS PLANNED!  We have a grill and a recipe for honey glazed pork chops that I found on pinterest.  Those are all good things. 

Day "26": Negligence

The 26 is in quotes because Day 26 was yesterday.  It was just one of those days... you know, the kind where you just forget things.  There was no good reason to forget, I just did.  I guess if there was a reason, it probably would have been more likely that I remembered but was just too busy or caught up in things to post but that was not the case.  I actually did remember after midnight but by then I was comfy in bed and it was tomorrow anyway so I might as well just post twice in one day. 

I have a huge scratch on my face.  Olive was being an annoying kitten when we wanted to go to bed so I caught her and picked her up by her neck skin and in the midst of flailing around desperately her foot caught my chin and I started bleeding.  It was the kind I could feel coming out.  We had to put a band-aid on it to stop it from bleeding on me.  You know, I was told that the grabbing of the neck skin trick was supposed to paralyze cats.  It just makes Olive crazier and she will use all of her means to get out of that position.  She's pretty good at getting out of it too.  Our cat is definitely not stupid. 


Don't you hate when you walk into a hat only to discover that the emu you thought you were going to fly has turned into a pot and is currently employed in bowling daffodils?  Whenever this happens I run right into a left hand notebook and sneeze the jelly beans into a magnet.

So anyway, I want to throw out a congratulations to my niece who just won second place in her spelling contest for her entire school.  She's a smart cookie and a much better speller than I am.  One day, she will probably take over the world and then I will be glad that I am the cool aunt.  Everyone else will be the first against the wall.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Congrats kiddo!

March 22, 2012


When I was really young, I used to love studying the planets.  My favorite was Neptune.  I remember looking at pictures of neptune in the planet book I would check out from the library and I fell in love with the gorgeous blueness of the planet.  Blue has been my favorite color for a long time, but this also looked like a crazy world potentially full of undersea adventure (since, naturally a blue planet must be full of water).  There could be Neptunian pirates, Neptunian whalers, Neptunian sharks with psionic abilities, Neptunian mermaids, even Neptunian narwhals (since they are magestic creatures).  The sky was the limit on what could be happening on Neptune to a young child with a wild imagination.

There was a quarter machine at Wal-Mart that once sold you chunks of different colored plastic.  Literally.  It was molded plastic of one solid color.  I remember for some reason wanting this strange plastic thing because it was strange, plastic, and cost a quarter.  Marketers for quarter machines are geniuses.  When I managed to convince my parents that I MUST have a quarter to buy another useless piece of plastic which the marketers didn't even have the decency to turn into an actual toy, I bought my piece of plastic and behold:  it was blue!  I immediately decided it was a sign that I must be some kind of Neptunian princess and this was proof of my rule.

I still have that chunk of plastic somewhere and it still reminds me of my strangeness, but it also reminds me of Neptune and how awesome it must be to live there.  Maybe I will live there someday and be a pirate princess whaler of narwhal in the briny Neptunian deep.

March 21, 2012

Day 25: Cats don't sleep where you tell them to

Breaking news: Olive has not destroyed her house yet.  It is still 100% intact.  That's probably the most exciting thing to happen all day.  Something I made was not destroyed.  That's not even something happening either.  That's something not happening.  It's okay though because I cleaned the apartment yesterday so I wasn't really neglecting anything.

After that picture of Olive sleeping in the house, I don't think she's gone back in there.  She's sleeping underneath Johns computer desk right now while he plays video games.  That seems to be her favorite spot.  Seems like a fluffy blanket would be more comfortable but whatever.  It's not like I spent a whole 45 minutes putting a house together just for her to sleep in.  Cats are so ungrateful. 


Night is my favorite time of day.  I like how much clearer everything seems.  You can see the stars which surround us at all times, but you really only think about during the evening hours.  You can clearly see the moon (or not see it).  You can hear and smell things better.  Fewer people are out and about.  It also seems like it's far more interesting than that which you can see during the day.  In other words, it inspires your imagination and creativity because you can see things better during the day, but at night, anything can be lurking about in the shadows.

Also it's cooler.

Dear Lord it has been so very hot the last couple of weeks.  To make matters worse, I live in an old house with no central air and my parents refuse to put the air conditioner in or open windows because "at some point in the future it will probably be cold again."  Well it's hot now!  In fact, it's so hot in the house that it's COLDER outside in the 80 degree whether.  Further, when it's high 70 degrees at night, air conditioning is not a bad idea.  In a house with no circulation, the air conditioning is the key!

I think I'll go lay outside and cool off while watching the stars now...maybe I'll even sleep out there.  It would probably be cooler.

March 20, 2012

Day 24: Boxes

When John and I woke up this morning there was a large box sitting outside our sliding glass door.  It was the electric grill we ordered on Amazon.  Apparently it was so fragile that it was shipped in 3 boxes which Olive was ALL OVER!


Unfortunately, today was clean the living room day so there was no way I was gonna let those boxes sit in the living just for Olives amusement.  So I made this!

I made Olive her very own bed.  Of course she kept bothering me while I was trying to make it because I took all of her other toys out of the living room so her list of things to play with was down to me or the box.  I don't think she counts her real cat toys as viable options because they're not new and/or fight back.  When I was done she gave it a thorough inspection.

And then promptly decided to play elsewhere.  A little while later, she started falling asleep on the floor.  I tried to shove her in the house because it has a super comfy sleeping blanket in it but she decided she wanted to play some more.

UPDATE: Success!

and I didn't even shove her in!


Yeah, this has become an internet meme, but that's not why I've decided to pick narwhals to talk about today.

I've liked narwhals since I first saw them at the Field Museum (yes, they're there.  Just go down into the basement level, they're on a back wall, along with another man eating lion that didn't get as much recognition as the lions of Tzavo).  I don't know what it is about them, they just strike me as wonderous creatures.  They're known as unicorns of the sea simply because of that huge horn of theirs, but I don't know of any zoo or zoolike place which has kept them for others to come and observe.

Perhaps this is a size thing.  I'll admit, I don't know a lot about narwhals.  They look like they're about the size of dolphins so it seems like capturing them is a possibility, but then I suppose there are those horns to contend with, also I think they survive in colder water so maybe that's a problem too.  I know that no one would really want to swim with a narwhal.  If there's a chance you could be speared by something, you should probably stay away from it.

Here's to you magestic narwhal!

March 19, 2012

Day 23: Draw Something

There's probably a million interesting ideas that tried to float into my head today for a good blog post but they were all KICKED OUT by me playing Draw Something all day.  Seriously, my eyes hurt.  My phone has been begging me to turn it off and leave it alone for hours.  It even froze on me while I was checking in on my pocket frogs.  I didn't want them to feel neglected but my phone just wasn't having any of that. 

In sick news, my back didn't hurt at all today.  I think I'm almost all better. 

Neverending Story

I remember this movie from my childhood and it still doesn't make much sense to me.  Perhaps it is because I have only seen the first movie, but it seems to me that the concept of a 'story' that never ends has limitless possibilities.  Therefore, they should still be making movies.  In fact, I rather like that idea.

The problem with movies based off of a series is that the audience inevitably wants to see recurring characters.  Unfortunately, if those characters are meant to be young, you can't really stop the aging process of the actors and there is a time limit to producing movies.  But the Neverending Story strikes me as unique, much like Dr. Who.  The Doctor can be anyone, he changes appearance and personalities when he reincarnates, therefore he can be someone different each time.  He may have had interactions with the same creatures in the past and therefore has a ton of knowledge to draw from his experiences, but can still be surprised by new experiences.

The Neverending Story has the possibility of continuing a tale centered in this alternate book reality.  It doesn't need to focus on the same characters or the same concepts.  There's always the danger that the book may be put down or misplaced for too long and the world can come to an end.  Since the characters are aware of the reader and can even interact with them, they can make pains to limit the amount of time the book gets shelved or plead with the reader to pass it on if interest has wavered.  Even so, their existence can continue with other conflict, making it interesting for the new readers.  Heck, a new reader can add to the society with their imagination, so there can always be new characters, new plots, and new places to explore since the book is what the reader makes of it.

And yet, the movies came to an end at some point.  It seems like a waste of a concept and false advertising.

March 18, 2012


Apparently a "naevus" is a birthmark.  Who knew that we had a perfectly good word for birthmark in the past?  Why did naevus go out of use, I ask?  Was it too close to navel?  I don't think I'd get my naevus and my navel mixed up.  Although apparently, according to my mother, I used to be terrified of my naevus.  I had to be told it was an "angel kiss" in order for me not to freak out when I saw it.  I don't remember.  I was a child.  I was so young I don't even remember this occuring.  It just shows how odd I was even as a child.

To clarify, naevus can also mean a growth, apparently, but typically it means a mole, or a large mole.  Now the world is aware of my freakish mole that caused me to freak out as a child.

My sister, who I'm sure would love for me to talk about this, has an unsusual naevus of her own.  Her's is in the shape of a cat.  She tells me that if she were an Egyptian back in the day, she'd be venerated as a goddess because of her cat-like naevus.  She's probably right.  Some people have all the luck when it comes to naevuses.

March 17, 2012

Day 22: Green

Today is a picture post day.  I have many things to share in pictures.  First off, this morning I thought I'd take advantage of my kitty's white fur as an excellent canvas for St. Patrick's Day.

This is my attempt to draw a shamrock on her head.  It was very difficult because she wouldn't sit still and I had to wrap her in a blanket while I drew it.  Plus she has fur which doesn't work the same as paper.  So it turned out kinda crappy.  Then I tried this....

I put some food dye in hot water and poured it on her back.  She licked it off and it ended up being a very pale green.  Paler even than this picture.  I think Olive wants to be divorced out of this family.

So I decided to lay off the cat because I figured she'd had enough of St. Patrick and I handed to green food coloring over to John.  He made this...

It's green eggs!  There's no ham in it though so... don't even ask.  It was very tasty.  Then we headed over to Debbie's for a thanksgiving style St. Patrick's day dinner with Beth, Mike, and the nephews.  Also tasty.

When we came home, I checked the mail and I got this!

It's a double unicorn success club shirt from the bloggess!  John got one too!

His has a picture of Wil Wheaton collating paper.

Today has been a success.  


Today was not the first time it's rained this year, but it was the first time I really thought about how much I missed the rain.  I actually really like rain.  It's soothing and cleansing, plus there's nothing like the smell after a rainstorm:  wet dirt and greenery.

Angela had just been warning me yesterday that the rain was on the way.  I'm a little sad because I haven't really had a chance to enjoy the hot weather we've been having lately.  I've spent all week working or homeworking which means I'm mostly trapped inside looking out the window at how nice and sunny and wonderful it is.  All the while, my mind keeps teasing me with other thoughts like "Sure you could go out and enjoy it now, but will you actually finish your assignment?" or "If you had just turned this job down, you could be done with your homework and out there right now."

The best conclusion I can come to is that my brain is evil and likes to torment me.

But now!  Now that I have finally finished my midterm and one of the three 5 page papers I've been working on for a while, all I can think about is how the rain just came through and it will probably be cooler, spring weather now.  Which means I get to go out and enjoy SPRING instead of crazy "OMG March is proof of global warming!" weather.

Haha!  I win!

March 16, 2012

Day 21: The Evolution of Kitten

This is our adorable kitten back when she was known as 'shoulder cat'.  For some reason, she felt the need to be intimately involved in every task we were doing so she would perch on the shoulder for a realistic perspective on what was going on.  Above you can see her watching John do computer things (probably video games).  And here she is helping me watch TV. 

Unfortunately kittens grow up.  She's too big to balance on our shoulders anymore so she is now....

Desk cat!  Not wishing to give up her intimate involvement in our most mundane activities, she merely sits between John and the computer instead of on the shoulder.  Why she did not choose the lap is beyond me.  Seems like it would be a lot more comfortable down there.  I guess she doesn't feel as intrusive sitting on laps than right in front of the keyboard.  That's just how she rolls.... in our face all the time.  And people say cats are independent. 


This year, we've had a lot of crazy weather.  Usually it's snowy and cold, only starting to warm now.  But this week, we've had 80 degree weather.  This has caused me to become lax in my creativity.  I've been writing a midterm paper, dealing with various debts, and trying to get my life put together for next term in college.  Having 80 degree weather, sunny no less, in March has been excruciating since I've pretty much been trapped inside.

But now!  Now I have finished with my work and it's still 80 degree weather and sunny.  I'm going to go out and enjoy the day.  Today is kind of a copout post day, but it is excellent in those regards.

Although I do kind of feel bad for the lack of content.  Here, have an excellent picture:

March 15, 2012

Day 20: Icons

Good news: I am officially done with antibiotics!  My backs still a bit sore though.  Hoping that goes away. 

So remember last year during lent when I used to post random pictures and then talk about them?  Yes?  Good, lets do that again!

It's hand art!

So, this is the picture I drew for Kris when she first wanted to make a website.  I suggested the name Asylum 204 because we're crazy and we used to live in dorm 204 which was a significant number for both of us.  She asked me to come up with some icon ideas.  This one is the number 204 in bubbles!  I thought it was awesome and whimsical and spoke to the general atmosphere of what the website wanted to be (our website is self aware)  but Kris rejected it because she said the '0' looked too much like a boob.  W...T...F.... what boob has a shine mark on it?  Huh Kris?  WHAT BOOB!?!!  Shine mark aside, I can kinda see her point.  So I designed this one...

It's a candle fish.  It has a flame on it which is pretty and it also has a fish which speaks to our (somewhat irreverent) religious nature.  We did, after all, meet at a Christian college.  Kris said it looked like the fish was farting fire.  

Apparently everything I make looks silly. 


It occurred to me today that I couldn't think of a single movie beginning with the letter E to talk about.  It also occurred to me that I couldn't think of a single book or movie.  Apparently I have an aversion to the letter E when it comes to my entertainment.  Luckily, "entertainment" is an E letter word!

But I'd like to get specific here:  entertaining children.  It's not as easy as it used to be.  I spent some time with my sister and her children yesterday and I kept hearing the mantra "there's nothing to do".  On a day that's 80 degrees in March there's nothing to do.  Not with a heaping mound of outside toys, a bunch of friends that want to play, nor with a plethora of ideas from parents and aunt alike was there "anything to do".

I used to be content with a stick, a jump rope, and my imagination.  Of course I likewise had video games, computer, and television, I didn't spend nearly half as much time on those things as I see kids doing today.  I can't help but feel like that's the failing of my generation.  We want our kids to play with the kinds of things that we enjoyed, but we forget about the moderation our parents enforced (usually).  At least my parents did.  But I also self-moderated and kind of still do (cough, Skryim, cough).

Bottom line:  I feel old talking about the differences between kids and my generation.  I'm sure it's not nearly so bad as it appears.  But kids should be made to go outside with sticks and their imagination if only to fuel their imagination in the first place.  S'all I'm saying.

March 14, 2012

Day 19: Deja... where am I?

Kris posted something existential so I thought I'd follow suit.  Mines a little less 'big life questions' but whatever. 

Do you ever just forget where you are?  Not like a senile freak out but just a momentary lapse.  Like you're not even sure it even happened.  Except its happened to me a few times.  The first time was in Greenville.  I was sitting at my desk in my dorm room and I forgot just for split second where I was.  It was like I could've been back in California or on the other side of the world.  It's almost as if my life just slips out of context for a second.  I'm forming a theory about why it happens.  I think it's because I spent so much time in childhood living and forming new memories that my brain just goes back there as an automatic thing.  Its like my brain just resets itself.  Anyway, it happened to me recently and I just thought "I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else?"  So I thought I should write about it and find out. 

I wonder if its the opposite of deja vu....


I spend a lot of time dwelling on weird things.  One thing I like to think about is eternity.  Now I don't feel like I think about eternity the way "normal" people do.  That is to say, I don't really know how normal people think about eternity, if they do at all, but I'm reasonably sure most people don't think about eternity the same way I do.  For instance:  I imagine when most people think about eternity, they think about characters like Dracula or immortals.  Perhaps they think of things like the universe which seems eternal, at the very least expansive.  Or maybe they think about the afterlife and heaven or hell.

These are not things which I tend to think on.  It occurred to me long ago that they are imperfect representations of the eternal.  Dracula and the immortals can be killed and did not always exist, the universe hasn't always been and will probably cease to be, heaven and hell are not the same as eternity but are concepts in and of themselves.

When I think about eternity, I concentrate on trying to "be" and ruminate on what it would mean to always have been and always be.  Eternity does not necessarily mean omniscience, so I try to clear my mind of everything else and just experience being at the most basic level.

I wonder what it would be like to be without the world around me.  To just simply exist and have nothing else in existence with me.  I wonder what it would be like to be as existence began and progressed; to bear witness to events as they unfolded or to remain untouched by them as time elapsed.  I wonder what it would be like to be when time came to an end, when civilization came to an end.  I wonder if I would be impacted by this or just remain a being continuing on and on and on.  Would I feel?  Would I feel pity, excited, fearful, angry?  Or would I just "be" ever and forever?


March 13, 2012

Day 18: Danse Macabre

So, I do not feel like I'm dying anymore.  This is good because I was able to do my homework today.  I have a presentation tomorrow on the Dance of Death.  I was having so much fun putting it together that I skipped my Tuesday class tonight.  I told John that it was only fair because I skipped my Wednesday class two weeks ago so I had to even things out.  Besides my sickness prevented me from doing homework yesterday.  Also, I didn't feel like sitting through that class.  It gets kinda boring.  So I spent all day studying this...

It's skeletons dancing!  It makes death seem so happy and whimsical.  I think the message is 'Don't worry about death!  DANCE PARTY!' *unse unse unse*  That's my attempt at visualizing club music.  Even though I'm pretty sure they're dancing to flutes or something in the picture.  I can't tell cause it's a picture.  It did not come with accompany music. 

Or perhaps these skeletons are not worried about death because they're already dead.  Either way, it looks like a good time. 


Whenever I write, the hardest thing I find to do is the ending.  Beginnings are hard, because you want to capture the interest of your reader or listener, or what have you.  But endings are trouble.  The last thing your reader will read or your listener will hear is the end of whatever it is you're working on.  That's a lot of pressure.

Sometimes an ending can be unsatisfactory, but fitting, leaving the audience with a hollow feeling but complete.  I think I like those endings best.  It allows one to contemplate how the situation might have ended up differently, or to ruminate upon why it doesn't sit well with them.  In other words, it makes the person think more about why the like or dislike a piece than being left satisfied.  Rather like having a fine meal, but getting a small portion leaving you slightly hungry, but no longer wanting; unsatisfied, but complete.

Too often we get spoon fed this idea of happy endings.  I have nothing against happy endings.  I think they're great.  They inspire hope when all seems lost and that's a pretty wonderful thing.  But often times, the 'happy ending' seems to come at the expense of integrity.  For example:  the ending to Harry Potter.  (Spoilers?  I don't know if this could still be spoiled.)  For me, this seemed to be a happy ending at the expense of integrity, and here's why.  Leading up to the end of the series was the question:  "will Harry live or will Harry die?"  Rowling chose to satisfy both sides by faking his death.  Sure, one can argue that Harry made the choice to return from the dead, but overall I felt like this was a cop out happy ending.  It left me feeling satisfied but incomplete.

What of the ending that is satisfactory and leaves one feeling complete?  I'm not sure how I feel about these.  I always turn to Jane Austin as an example of satisfactory, complete happy endings.  She has a way of wrapping up her work so neatly that I really enjoy (at least from what I've read of her).  I suppose if a piece of work is well done, these kinds of endings appeal to me.  If they aren't, they don't really cause me to think or dwell on them in a way I think the artist wants me to.  I could pretty much take them or leave them.

I'm not sure I need to say anything about unsatisfactory, incomplete endings.  Those are the worst.  Especially when it's not a cliff-hanger interlude to the next book but when the series is truly over.  Those frustrate me immensely and I have to wonder if the author thinks they're being profound or novel.  Sure, life doesn't get all tied up neatly, but that doesn't mean your work can't be finished!  Unless you're dead.  If you're dead, you are excused.  There's not a lot you can do about that.

To conclude:  endings are tricky.  I haven't really managed to get the hang of them yet.  I feel like mine are in the incomplete unsatisfactory stage which is unacceptable.  But I keep trying and will keep trying until I get them right.

Edit:  On second thought, maybe the hardest thing to do is spell check.

March 12, 2012


Looky!  Another psuedo post having to do with Angela.

I saw John's post on facebook today and have been worried about her all day as one can imagine.  But I do empathize with waking up in the middle of the night having your body screaming at you.  At least twice a year, I get terrible muscles cramps in my legs which have (at times) made me literally scream in pain.  Not to mention last year when my back went out and I couldn't sleep for a month because any pressure on certain areas of my back kept me awake, crying in pain.

These are not problems young 25 year old women should have to face!  Our bodies aren't supposed to turn on us until we're at least middle age.

I'm just saying.

Angela!  Here are some get well kittens for you!

Day 17: Ouch

So last night I was in my bed sleeping like a baby when all of the sudden I was ATTACKED BY VIOLENT BACK PAIN!  It's really hard to be half awake and in pain because its hard to understand whats going on.  My first thought was my back needed to be popped or cracked or something.  After many failed attempts at doing that, I came to the conclusion that my body was trying to kill me.  Then I realized bodies don't have minds of their own and even if they did, it would be illogical to destroy itself.  Then I realized it was probably my kidney because I was pretty certain I had a UTI and the student health center is closed on the weekend so I hadn't had a chance to see a doctor yet.  Luckily the urgent care was open at 8 this morning and John graciously decided to skipped class to take me.  I'm still in a bit of pain but I have antibiotics now so it'll be gone soon. 

You know, sometimes our bodies have a fucked up way of telling us something is wrong.  Next time I would like a note from my body that just says "Um, excuse me?  There's an infection in here.  Can you go to the doctor and get it out please?  Thank you" instead of screaming "OMG YOU'RE DYING!  ABANDON ALL HOPE AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" 

March 11, 2012

Day 16: (Was Yesterday)

I completely forgot to post yesterday.  Luckily, Sunday is my day off so to make up for not posting yesterday, I am posting today instead.  Yes, I am completely aware of how redundant that sentence was.  I was pretty much asleep all day yesterday except for the few hours I was at the gym and eating.  Kris says that's lazy but I think laziness involves a conscious decision to not do things.  My body decided to sleep and I couldn't say no. 

But what I really want to talk about is Chivalry.  I think its funny when guys on their online dating profiles talk about how Chivalry is dead except in the rare case of themselves.  They talk about how awesome they are at being attentive to woman and holding doors for them and stuff.  It's even funnier because I just learned that one of the 5 qualities of chivalrous men is chastity.  Of course this was way back in the day when the concept of chivalry was first born, but it could make for an amusing experiment.  Find some guy who claims to be chivalrous, go on dates with him, and when he tries to make any moves, act surprised and say "but you said you were chivalrous!  I can not darken your record by making you unchaste!"  Of course I can't do this cause I'm married.... perhaps some other co-author of this blog who shall remain nameless.  (Hint: It rhymes with Misstina) 



I don't know if this is an actual word.  According to the internet, it is.  It means "good".  But where did eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious even come from?  No, seriously.  Where?  Being as I couldn't find it in a dictionary (largely because I can't find my physical non-internet dictionary either to double-check) I remain dubious about whether or not this word exists.

Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious reminds me of several things:
1) German words
2) Some strange and crazy slang
3) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Supposedly this is an English word.  Who would actually use this word instead of "good"?  And what is the context behind which the word ought to be used?  Have an eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious day!  That guy looks eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious.  What a eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious dog!

Clearly this requires further, shpadoinkle research.

March 10, 2012


I've decided to never mention the homework situation again...after this time...and probably more in the future.  My griping has made my frustrations clear enough...for now...

Instead, I've decided to dedicate yet another blog to Angela because today I woke up and decided it was an Angela Lent day.  Also I said I was taking "Saturdays off" from making them Lent accronyms.

Instead of just using words, I'm going to post some pictures for Angela!

When I first met Angela, she'd never really experienced life in the midwest.  I grew up spending half my life as a child of the corn and indoctrinated her.

For some reason, my state likes to piss money away.  So I took Angela to show her one of the biggest money dumping sights constructed during my lifetime.

Everytime Angela sees a cat while on a walk, she can't not stop to pet it.  You can try thisIt works every time.  I have documented proof by her own admission.

If you ever sit with Angela for lunch, make "yummy" noises while she eats.  She totally loves this.  It will make her laugh every time, gauranteed!

Angela fell in love with and married John.

March 9, 2012

Day 15: Smartphone the Sequel

I'm posting from my smart phone again.  I'm at Favorite's (aka Crystal) apartment.  We're playing sour apples to apples.  We ate at sushi boat buffet.  They have sushi... on boats.  Its tasty. 


Or potentially lackluster.

Ok, so I though this would be a great gimick, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts.  Coming up with interesting L words to talk about has been a lot more difficult than I would have thought.  I'm so glad I didn't do this for ten days.  TEN DAYS.  WAUGH!

I am going to remain stalwart and continue, however!  I must!  I have promised the internet some E, N, and T words!

Really I could go either way on it.  I guess I'll just have to try harder to inspire myself.  This has been increasingly more difficult lately.  Seriously!  I didn't want school to crush my creativity but I think it did.  I haven't had the drive to write lately, probably because I've just been unbelievably swamped with papers and projects.

Learning is hard folks!  The irony is that I am going to become a teacher at some point!

March 8, 2012

Day 14: DMV?

I'm feeling a bit uninspired today.  I sat at the DMV for about an hour an half and I think it sucked all of the creativity out of me.  Interesting fact: my school requires me to have my new social security card to change my name but the DMV just needs my marriage certificate.  Seems like it would be the other way around.  But I get a new license now.  They even took a new picture.  Luckily I had planned for this so I looked picture worthy.  Now I play the waiting game.... cause it comes in the mail. 


It's only forever, that's not long at all.

I love this movie.  I can't say enough things about it.  Muppets!  David Bowie!  What's not to like?  I firmly believe if not for this movie, I wouldn't have such a profound love of labyrinths.  One of these days I'm going to have to go visit one of those monastaries that have labyrinths on their grounds.  I imagine wandering around in the silence with no one but yourself is very soothing.

What captivates me most about The Labyrinth is that the entire realm the Goblin King has built is one giant Labyrinth that is interconnected.  There are woods and swamps, but still it is all within the boundaries of the labyrinth.  It's a wonderful metaphor but I won't spoil it.  If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it!

I remember this movie and the Dark Crystal scaring me a little when I was kid.  The Dark Crystal especially when they used the crystal to sap the minds of the poor little creatures.  The Dark Crystal still scares me a little.  But the Labyrinth is fantastic!  Someone did a revisit to the labyrinth in a manga series, but it was still unsatisfying!  Essentially ending the same way as it had in the movie...and for no real reason.

Oh Sara!  You know you love the Goblin King!  So what that he stole your brother!  He'd become prince of the Goblins!  What's so wrong with that?

March 7, 2012


I've been rushing everything lately and because of that I keep forgetting things.  School has just been driving me crazy!  I don't mind having things to do to keep me occupied, but this is just nuts.  I totally forgot to get a post ready for today and so it is coming in "late".  I keep forgetting about assignments too.  This is the worst I've ever been.

I look forward to being done with this semester.  I need a break, even if it is just a week while I get my mind put back together.  Which will probably become two weeks because the first week of class you never really do anything important anyway.  So yay!  Two weeks of spaciness!  I can't wait!

Oh yeah.  Wow, I thought tomorrow was Friday, but now I've come to realize it's only Wednesday.  I've got two more days of L words to go.  Here's hoping they're better than these last two have been.


Here's an L picture to make up for it:

Day 13: I heart the bloggess

Just one comment about the Kony thing: I think its weird when I go to sleep not knowing something exists and when I wake up EVERY PERSON ON FACEBOOK IS TALKING ABOUT IT!  It's like everyone got some secret memo I don't know about. 

In awesome news, this happened.  And now I'm a proud (almost) owner of this!  I say 'almost' because I just bought it and the mail isn't fast enough because it can't see the future or read my mind.  I've been wanting to buy a shirt from zazzle for a while now and they just happen to have a $5 off special right now.  Unfortunately, they rejected my super awesome design that I made because of copyright infringement.  Here's the picture.

It spells the word "penguin" in fringe glyphs.  It get it, Fox owns the images, but no one but me would think to make this shirt.  Sad day.  It's okay though cause now I get to be part of the double unicorn success club. 

March 6, 2012

Day 12: History

You know what I've learned through the study of history?  Nobody loves their government.  Everything people write about is ideas on a new form of government or improving their own.  Nobody ever writes "Eh... things are cool.  No changes are really necessary."  I mean, I guess Aristotle could be considered content with his government but he wanted some improvements. 

That's probably a lie.  I'll bet people wrote about how awesome their government was but history just doesn't care about them because they never started any reform movements. 

Looking at history does make me appreciate how relatively small our problems are today.  I mean our biggest injustice right now is that gay people can't marry.  Back in the day, a gay persons biggest problem was not being found out and executed. 

I'm not sure if I have a point or not... this is what I was thinking about while spacing out in class tonight.  I seriously didn't even have the energy to appear interested in the lecture. 


Some say it's the greatest of things, some say it's all you need.

In fact several people across several thousands of years said those things and most people regard them as being pretty great.

Love is such an interesting thing.  There's so many different degrees of love.  You say "I love this shirt" and then "I love you".  Obviously you don't love a person as much as you love your shirt (generally speaking) but in both cases the use of the word is acceptable.

If not for love, we wouldn't have lent.  If lent was an acronym, when broken down the first letter would stand for Love.  Maybe we'll come up with some other lent acronyms as the weeks go on.

Love is pretty groovy people.  We should all spend more time loving. <3

March 5, 2012

Day 11: Last Minute Blogging

I have been slacking in every department of my life today.  I was supposed to write a paper that didn't get written and just as I'm about to walk off to bed, I remembered I haven't written my blog yet.  I am the master of procrastination.  I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend like this is a good thing. 

My spring break is almost here!  Only 4 more class periods till I'll have a whole 2 weeks to finish my homework (cause I already have a week in between classes now).  I'll have to find people to spend my free time with cause my husband does not have that week off and will probably be busy with homework.  My spring break isn't even close to Easter.  Does Sac State not know when Easter is?  Or are they just pretending that Spring Break is supposed to happen for some other reason? 

On Lethargy

I am so tired of homework.  Once I get done with this presentation tonight, I can start on other things that aren't this presentation, last week's presentation, or any other papers having to pertain to things I'm not sure I care all that much about.

Lethargic is exactly how I feel.  My brain is screaming for a break which I cannot afford to give it and my creativity is suffering for this.  I have two ideas in mind for posts during the "L" week of lent and I'm hoping I can get to them.  One for certain will be done no matter how inspired I feel, the other may not happen if I can't somehow trick my brain into remembering how to articulate thoughts logically and

My inability to think of a word to substitute for "entertainingly" speaks for itself.  Brain no worky.

After graduating from Greenville it took almost a year and a half to jumpstart the creative part of my brain again.  I don't want that to happen a second time.  Even if my random ramblings aren't anything interesting to other people, I quite enjoy being able to express myself through this medium.  School ought to encourage more creative thinking rather than lulling our brains into submission.  I find it extremely disturbing at how easy it is to shutdown someone's interest in a subject by virtue of extreme amounts of homework.  These are things to ponder for the future.  For now, my brain says I need a nap so I have to find a way to tell it to keep working for a few more hours.  Sleep tonight is going to be so very good.

My this got depressing very quickly.  Let's end on a high note!

Lethargic Kitty FTW

March 4, 2012

It's Sunday

Me: *rubs arms cause I'm cold*

John: Hey, you were the one who wanted EVERY SINGLE WINDOW IN THE APARTMENT open. 

I do!  And you know what?  I don't regret it!  I'll suffer through being a little bit chilly just to feel like I'm outside while I'm stuck at my desk in front of my computer. It is AWESOME today.  Also its fun to watch Olive get freaked out by outdoor sounds.... and wind.  I don't think she understands what wind is. 

In case you're wondering why today doesn't have a number, it's because it's Sunday which is my day off from blogging.  Which means this blog isn't really here.  It's all in the your imagination. 

Does Levin Strike the Same Place Twice?

Apparently there's a shorter word for lightning, albeit one that is extremely archaic.  That brings us to our L word of the day!  Levin.

I have to wonder if this word went out of use because of how close it sounds to leaven.  If you tell someone your bread is without leaven, would they get confused and think you didn't put lightning in your bread?  Does bread with levin taste better?  Did levin ever strike Leven while Mary Queen of Scots ate unleavened bread in prison?

These are things we may never know.  One thing is certain, however.  Whenever my niece or nephews get upset about lightning in the future, I'm going to tell them it's just levin and not to worry about it.  I'll bet that will cure their fear!  Now if only there was an extremely archaic word for thunder to go along with it.

March 3, 2012

Day 10: I read

I should really write my blogs before 10pm.  This is the time of day my brain says to me "Um... I'm tired.  Lets go rest or sleep."  Also to make matters worse, I've been reading for the better part of the day... from the computer screen.  I do physically have the book but it's a weird copy of an original printing so its very hard to read.  Instead of putting myself through that torture, I found a free copy of the book online.  I have been nothing but satisfied with this decision. 

In cat news, we opened our living room window today because it was so nice outside.  This confused and upset Olive.  She did not jump on the window seal again.  She watched the window cautiously from a safe distance trying to figure out what all of those crazy outside noises were.  Then it got cold and we closed it and she was able to go back to her regular cat self. 


It occurred to me yesterday that I don’t really have much of a focus here.  Posting every day for Lent is all well and good, but there is no rhyme or reason to themes between posts.  It’s pretty much ramblings on whatever comes to mind.  Now, generally this wouldn’t bother me.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a tendency to just say things I’m thinking about regardless of their rediculocity or nonesensibility.  But then it occurred to me that just posting random things for anyone to read is exactly the reason why I don’t have a twitter account and rarely say anything on Facebook.  It just isn’t “me”.

While I was dwelling on what to do with this, another idea came to mind, one I wish I would have thought of for the beginning of Lent.  Supposedly there are 40 days of Lent (if we choose to exclude Sunday because apparently those are God’s vacation days) and Lent has four letters in it.  See where I’m going with this?  I should have spent 10 days expounding on things relating to each letter of Lent!  We could have had ten days of L things, E things, N things, T things.  Then I am at my leisure to write nonsensical and ridiculous things without worry of having no rhyme or reason to them!  It’s brilliant because it tricks my brain.  So, we have about 33 days left of Lent, which means I have about 5 weeks left over.  Subtracting out Sundays, this leaves me with 7 days to discuss each part of LENT as it ought to have been done.

Now for the second dilemma:  I kind of wanted to start tomorrow.  So we’re going to go back to the roots of Christianity folks!  Jesus was Jewish, which means “Saturday” was the Sabbath for him.  In light of this, Saturday is going to be my “day of rest” from talking about LENT things…because unlike Angela, I’m still posting every day.  Lazy!

Ooooh, look!  An L word.  Maybe I’ll discuss LENT Laziness tomorrow!

March 2, 2012

Day 9: Watch-cat

So, Kris suggested that I write a blog about how Rush Limbaugh is a secret democrat trying to get people to hate conservatives, but I don't want to encourage the idea that Rush Limbaugh is relevant so I'm not even going to mention it.... again. 

What is relevant?  This...

My cat thinks she's a watchdog.  She spies on people in the parking lot all day.  It makes me feel safe knowing that a 4 pound kitten is protecting our apartment.  Really helps me sleep at night.  You know what doesn't help me sleep at night?  That same 4 pound kitten getting in my face.  That's why we lock her out of the room so she can do her duty of keeping watch and not bother us while we're sleeping.  I'm sure that's what she's doing when we kick her out.... there's no way she's simply sleeping right outside the door on the off chance that we wake up and let her in.  God, our cat is so needy. 

Lately I've been thinking...

...about how to make a paradox.

March 1, 2012

Day 8: I'm pretty sure Kris is winning lent this year

So last night at 10:30 I was settling down with my phone in bed and I noticed that Kris had posted another blog.  I texted her to tell her that she posted 2 blogs yesterday.  She pointed out that it was actually 12:30 where she lives (some crazy planet called Illionis) hence she actually posted it today.  That is some serious over achievement right there. 

Today I went to the social security office to let them know that Angela Swensson is officially gone.  It was a relatively short wait (an entire 10ish minutes) which is good because it took a whooping WHOLE MINUTE to request a new card.  I just handed in my form and then promised I wasn't lying.  Unfortunately, I have to wait for my new SS card to physically get here before I can proceed with changing my name elsewhere.  The schools financial aid department said they can't change my name without it and John and I just assumed the DMV would be the same.  So, until next semester, just to be safe, I am hyphenating all of my school papers.