March 7, 2012

Day 13: I heart the bloggess

Just one comment about the Kony thing: I think its weird when I go to sleep not knowing something exists and when I wake up EVERY PERSON ON FACEBOOK IS TALKING ABOUT IT!  It's like everyone got some secret memo I don't know about. 

In awesome news, this happened.  And now I'm a proud (almost) owner of this!  I say 'almost' because I just bought it and the mail isn't fast enough because it can't see the future or read my mind.  I've been wanting to buy a shirt from zazzle for a while now and they just happen to have a $5 off special right now.  Unfortunately, they rejected my super awesome design that I made because of copyright infringement.  Here's the picture.

It spells the word "penguin" in fringe glyphs.  It get it, Fox owns the images, but no one but me would think to make this shirt.  Sad day.  It's okay though cause now I get to be part of the double unicorn success club. 

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