February 15, 2013

Episode IV: A New Pope

It's a time of transition in the Catholic Church.  For the first time in almost 700 years, the Pope has elected to step down.  Now the Cardinals will have to come together to determine the fate of the Church...

I was wondering what happens after the Pope steps down.  Does he get retirement benefits?  Does he get housing?  What does this mean?  These aren't questions that I have answered yet, just things I've been thinking about.  From what I understand so far, the only thing it really means is that a new Pope must be elected.  So...probably nothing major.  Although a lot of questions have been floating around the internet about whether or not the Church will see major changes if a more liberal Pope is elected.

I don't really see this happening.  At least not as far as current issues go.  But we'll have to see what the future holds!


  1. From the article I read, they were concerned about a schism in the church. But I'm thinking if he's too old and tired to be pope, why would he spend all his time opposing the new pope?

  2. From what I understand, he's going into a monestary for deep meditation and prayer. So, I don't know how that would result in a schism in the church, since he's not really intending to be a public figure after this. Weird what comes out when things like this are going on.