March 2, 2012

Day 9: Watch-cat

So, Kris suggested that I write a blog about how Rush Limbaugh is a secret democrat trying to get people to hate conservatives, but I don't want to encourage the idea that Rush Limbaugh is relevant so I'm not even going to mention it.... again. 

What is relevant?  This...

My cat thinks she's a watchdog.  She spies on people in the parking lot all day.  It makes me feel safe knowing that a 4 pound kitten is protecting our apartment.  Really helps me sleep at night.  You know what doesn't help me sleep at night?  That same 4 pound kitten getting in my face.  That's why we lock her out of the room so she can do her duty of keeping watch and not bother us while we're sleeping.  I'm sure that's what she's doing when we kick her out.... there's no way she's simply sleeping right outside the door on the off chance that we wake up and let her in.  God, our cat is so needy. 

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