October 13, 2013

Being a mommy

I just read my last blog post.  It's been a while.  My life has changed drastically since June 1st.  For instance, instead of setting the iPad on my giant tummy and typing, I'm reaching around a sleeping baby with the iPad propped up on the nursing pillow.  Bishop ate and then passed out on me.  Now I'm hanging out till he's done napping because every time I try setting him down, he wakes right up.  Luckily this does not happen at night.  We have the best sleeper ever.  I told John that it feels like we don't even have a baby at night cause once I put him down, I know he wont be awake again until at least 7 am.  This allows me to be a functioning human being during the day instead of having to make sure I get enough naps.  

It seems like so far we are getting the best of everything as new parents.  I had a pretty standard, uncomplicated pregnancy, I had a 4 hour labor (not easy but short), and we have a relatively chill baby that is now sleeping a 10 hour stretch on a typical night.  Not to mention he's pretty much the cutest thing I've seen in my entire life.  And he has my nose.  It looks way cuter on him.  

Hopefully baby #2 is this good.  I wont keeps my hopes up though.