June 1, 2013

5 more weeks!

Until I get to meet this baby!  I'd like to say this blog post was a self motivated effort to keep this blog alive with updates about my life.  Actually I just wanted to use the keyboard on Johns new iPad. I never use keyboard anymore  because I hardly ever get on a computer.  However the iPad with a keyboard feels a lot like working on a mini laptop.  It's pretty awesome.  The only not awesome part is that he got this iPad for use at work which means I can only play with it when he's home.  I still have to find other ways to entertain myself when he's gone.  I cover about half the time with napping.  Making babies takes a lot of energy.  I'd say they need it to help them grow but really it seems like he's just taking all my energy and using it to kick me all the time.  At least I never have to worry if he's okay.  He tells me constantly.  In fact he's nudging my ribs right now.  He knows I'm talking about him.

We're going to Sac-Con tomorrow.  I mainly wanted to go so I could dress up as Louise.  Except I'll be Louise when she gets older and gets knocked up.  It's gonna be sweet.  Except it's gonna be really hot.  It's already 86 today and its only 12:30.  I guess that means we're going swimming later :)