May 21, 2013

End of 10K

I was too tired to post yesterday.  I pretty much fell asleep right after dinner and had been running around since I got out of school, one of those days.  I did manage to finish the 10k!  Woo!  I missed my goal of 15K but just barely.  Unfortunately, my schedule got very busy and I ran out of time to keep walking even that extra bit.  I can't even make up for it, because my pedometer decided to run away RIGHT after I recorded the last of my steps.  I have no idea where that sucker went to, it's just gone.  My students decided they wanted to tally up how far I went and it came into somewhere around 450K for six weeks, just under half a million steps.  I find it both impressive and equally sad that I can't even make half a million steps in a little over a month.  Either way, I'm feeling better and even looking a little better.  I noticed today that since I've been outside so much walking I've picked up some color and lost some weight.  I look happier too.

To celebrate the end of the 10K, I blatantly did not walk today.  I'm kind of regretting that decision now, but it gave me some time to do other things I might have put off if I had gone for a walk...and I'm pretty much a night owl anyway so maybe I'll still go out for a bit now that it's cooling down.  So, yay!  I did it!  I did 10K steps a day for six weeks!

Now onto the next project:  journaling every day for a month to help someone out with their master's thesis.  I think God is just giving me opportunities to work on my writing and continue my spiritual growth now!

May 11, 2013

One Week To Go

I just wanted to update on my 10K, I don't really have a lot to talk about, though.  I'm still keeping up with my goal and I only have 8 days left.  Yay!  I'm actually kind of looking forward to being able to walk as much or as little as I like.  I started to discover I really don't like being bound to this pedometer.  It's like a constant reminder of potential success or failure.  Even if you try not to be consciously aware of it, it seeps into your consciousness and takes over.  I'm finding myself becoming more and more preoccupied with at least getting 10K and less and less able to focus on anything else while I walk, which is something that has become annoying to me.  I'm already easily distractable and I think the whole point of doing this was to get better at my prayer life and to start trying to make choices which would help me to become more active.  If nothing else, I think I succeeded in laying the foundation for both.

I'll try to put up a few more updates this week!  After that, I'm not sure how often I'll keep up with this blog.  I'm trying to find a job and life is starting to catch up with me.  If nothing else, I'll be back during Lent!

May 6, 2013

Walking For Life...FOR LIFE

I have felt a lot better since I started doing this 10K a day.  I usually have more energy during the evenings and have found myself able to relax much better than I ever have before.  Who knew that I only needed to get a bit more exercise to balance out a little?  I've since decided to continue this regiment of sorts after these next two weeks are up.  And also, I can't believe that we're in the last two weeks of this walk already!  Six weeks seriously goes by very quickly!

Walk for Life update:  In less than 36 hours, I obtained my goal of $150 to donate to the pregnancy center for teen pregnancy prevention and health care/adoption options for pregnant mothers.  I should have totally taken a picture of the t-shirt I got for the event, but I can't find my camera at the moment and am too lazy to go look for it.  Maybe I'll update a picture later.  The walk itself was pretty easy.  I do twice that on a given day (as it turns out, my pedometer isn't accurately tracking my steps).

Special thanks to everyone who sponsored my walk!  You guys rock!  Also:  Woo!  Two weeks left of 10K a day!  I almost made it!

May 1, 2013

Walking for Life!

This is my shameless plug of the week as well as an update!

I've hit a bit of a wall with the walking thing.  I've run into a ton of stuff I'm doing all at once so my steps have gone from "I think I can do 15k a day" to "OMG how am I going to get in 10k?!".  Even with all of the craziness going on right now, I've decided to participate in a 2 mile walk for life on Saturday.  Typically, it takes an hour for me to walk 2 miles, so I don't really forsee this being a problem.  Not to mention, I get to raise money for a good cause, and get my walking in early so I can finish my paper due this week!  It all falls into place.

For my friends who actually read this:  would you be willing to donate to my cause?  You have my number, text, call or otherwise message me (if there is another way to do so from your phone that will contact my phone...I don't have fancy iPhone-nonsense!) or you can hit me up on facebook.  Prayers and support are likewise acceptable, but contributions help more!

Oh yeah, the update:  I've made my 10k every day so far and we're almost done with week 4!  Two weeks left to go!  Woo!