March 5, 2012

On Lethargy

I am so tired of homework.  Once I get done with this presentation tonight, I can start on other things that aren't this presentation, last week's presentation, or any other papers having to pertain to things I'm not sure I care all that much about.

Lethargic is exactly how I feel.  My brain is screaming for a break which I cannot afford to give it and my creativity is suffering for this.  I have two ideas in mind for posts during the "L" week of lent and I'm hoping I can get to them.  One for certain will be done no matter how inspired I feel, the other may not happen if I can't somehow trick my brain into remembering how to articulate thoughts logically and

My inability to think of a word to substitute for "entertainingly" speaks for itself.  Brain no worky.

After graduating from Greenville it took almost a year and a half to jumpstart the creative part of my brain again.  I don't want that to happen a second time.  Even if my random ramblings aren't anything interesting to other people, I quite enjoy being able to express myself through this medium.  School ought to encourage more creative thinking rather than lulling our brains into submission.  I find it extremely disturbing at how easy it is to shutdown someone's interest in a subject by virtue of extreme amounts of homework.  These are things to ponder for the future.  For now, my brain says I need a nap so I have to find a way to tell it to keep working for a few more hours.  Sleep tonight is going to be so very good.

My this got depressing very quickly.  Let's end on a high note!

Lethargic Kitty FTW

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