March 11, 2012

Day 16: (Was Yesterday)

I completely forgot to post yesterday.  Luckily, Sunday is my day off so to make up for not posting yesterday, I am posting today instead.  Yes, I am completely aware of how redundant that sentence was.  I was pretty much asleep all day yesterday except for the few hours I was at the gym and eating.  Kris says that's lazy but I think laziness involves a conscious decision to not do things.  My body decided to sleep and I couldn't say no. 

But what I really want to talk about is Chivalry.  I think its funny when guys on their online dating profiles talk about how Chivalry is dead except in the rare case of themselves.  They talk about how awesome they are at being attentive to woman and holding doors for them and stuff.  It's even funnier because I just learned that one of the 5 qualities of chivalrous men is chastity.  Of course this was way back in the day when the concept of chivalry was first born, but it could make for an amusing experiment.  Find some guy who claims to be chivalrous, go on dates with him, and when he tries to make any moves, act surprised and say "but you said you were chivalrous!  I can not darken your record by making you unchaste!"  Of course I can't do this cause I'm married.... perhaps some other co-author of this blog who shall remain nameless.  (Hint: It rhymes with Misstina) 

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