March 1, 2012

Day 8: I'm pretty sure Kris is winning lent this year

So last night at 10:30 I was settling down with my phone in bed and I noticed that Kris had posted another blog.  I texted her to tell her that she posted 2 blogs yesterday.  She pointed out that it was actually 12:30 where she lives (some crazy planet called Illionis) hence she actually posted it today.  That is some serious over achievement right there. 

Today I went to the social security office to let them know that Angela Swensson is officially gone.  It was a relatively short wait (an entire 10ish minutes) which is good because it took a whooping WHOLE MINUTE to request a new card.  I just handed in my form and then promised I wasn't lying.  Unfortunately, I have to wait for my new SS card to physically get here before I can proceed with changing my name elsewhere.  The schools financial aid department said they can't change my name without it and John and I just assumed the DMV would be the same.  So, until next semester, just to be safe, I am hyphenating all of my school papers. 

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