Kris, aka "Kristina", was raised in a rural suburb of Chicago in a town known for making delicious sandwiches.  She was brought up on a steady diet of awesomeness and blue cheese.  Her very first words as a child were "...and we killed him.  You can't simply quote Nietzsche and leave off the most important part of the quote..." the rest of the words are not recorded in the baby book because she went on for 2 hours on the merits of correctly quoting philosophy.  She ended her speech with her now famous exasperated sigh and hasn't stopped arguing since.  As a young adult, she argued her way into the Catholic church because someone else argued her out of whatever she was doing before that.  Indeed, like any good philosopher, arguing is her main form of communication.

(disclaimer: Kris is not Catholic nor does she attend Mass, but that's just cause she's too lazy to convert)

Update: On March 30th 2013 at 8:26 Pacific Standard Time, Kris informed me that she is now officially Catholic.  Also she has been attending mass on a regular basis.  I came on to edit her page as she requested only to find that she had already made some small edits.... This is my page, Kris.  If you have something to say, blog about it, but I get to decide how the world perceives your life.  Those are the rules. 

Kris philosophizing