March 5, 2012

Day 11: Last Minute Blogging

I have been slacking in every department of my life today.  I was supposed to write a paper that didn't get written and just as I'm about to walk off to bed, I remembered I haven't written my blog yet.  I am the master of procrastination.  I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend like this is a good thing. 

My spring break is almost here!  Only 4 more class periods till I'll have a whole 2 weeks to finish my homework (cause I already have a week in between classes now).  I'll have to find people to spend my free time with cause my husband does not have that week off and will probably be busy with homework.  My spring break isn't even close to Easter.  Does Sac State not know when Easter is?  Or are they just pretending that Spring Break is supposed to happen for some other reason? 

1 comment:

  1. A lot of schools choose the middle of the semester instead of Easter now.