March 3, 2012

Day 10: I read

I should really write my blogs before 10pm.  This is the time of day my brain says to me "Um... I'm tired.  Lets go rest or sleep."  Also to make matters worse, I've been reading for the better part of the day... from the computer screen.  I do physically have the book but it's a weird copy of an original printing so its very hard to read.  Instead of putting myself through that torture, I found a free copy of the book online.  I have been nothing but satisfied with this decision. 

In cat news, we opened our living room window today because it was so nice outside.  This confused and upset Olive.  She did not jump on the window seal again.  She watched the window cautiously from a safe distance trying to figure out what all of those crazy outside noises were.  Then it got cold and we closed it and she was able to go back to her regular cat self. 

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