February 9, 2016

Lent 2016

I am so grateful to Angela for leading up to the blog.  Usually I try to put up a post a week in advance as advertisement, however, due to unforeseen circumstances last week, I didn't have it in me.  To be honest, I've been rather depressed for the last few weeks, dealing with some hardcore insomnia issues and a whole epic list of problems I wouldn't wish on anybody else.  The idea of logging in today to do a lead up blog felt overwhelmingly difficult.  You know, there's the whole remembering what e-mail I used and the password to it.  It's an entire thing.

Then the most amazing thing happened:  after I quite easily remembered the e-mail and password (absurdly easy, considering the amount of time I spent trying to convince myself that logging in was going to be a whole thing), I saw that we have over 7,000 page views and several followers.  7,000 page views.  SEVEN THOUSAND!

You guys are honestly the most awesome ever.  I never imagined we would have anywhere near that much.  We really only post for 40 days out of the year...well Angela posts for 40 days.  I don't believe in the Sunday vacation from Lent deal, so you get posts from me, which technically brings it to more than 40 days, but I have it on good authority from a priest that this is perfectly valid...so there Angela!  Haha!  Of course I feel obligated to mention that he said not doing the Lent thing on Sunday was perfectly valid too, but my point still stands.

All this being said, and now that I'm fully logged into my account again, I intend to continue our tradition of a daily blog throughout Lent.  Additionally, I will be praying a rosary a day.  If you have any intentions you would like me to pray for, please feel free to mention so in the comment sections of my posts (preferably the daily posts I'm currently posting) or to message me with any requests and I will happily pray on your behalf.  My intention is to pray for others anyway, might as well be you!  Since we are in the Jubilee year of Mercy, I'm hoping this will help me to be more merciful towards others.

SEVEN THOUSAND!  That still blows my mind.


  1. I thought you beat me to the first post and then I saw the time stamp and realized this is a warm up post :) Of course you MIGHT still beat me if my writing gets sabotaged by a short whining little cutie.