March 31, 2012

Inspiration Fail

I never know what to do when I get inspired by things that have already been created. In general, I tend to have a lot of integrity over the things I write about. I don't like plagiarism. I make an effort not to plagiarize. And yet, every once in a while someone comes up with a concept so awesome that I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame, wishing so badly that I was the one to come up with the idea and inspired to work with it myself.

I'm wondering how many other people have this problem and what the solution to it is. Do you steal it and twist it around enough to make it your own? Do you leave it as someone else's concept and lament your inadequacy? Do you take the basic structure or the specific parts you like, plundering it like Moses and his people did the Egyptians? I dunno. I suppose once a piece of work is created, it's available to the public, but there are still basic rights a person has to their created work.

So I lie a quandary and frustrated with my indecision to proceed or not to proceed.

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