March 15, 2012

Day 20: Icons

Good news: I am officially done with antibiotics!  My backs still a bit sore though.  Hoping that goes away. 

So remember last year during lent when I used to post random pictures and then talk about them?  Yes?  Good, lets do that again!

It's hand art!

So, this is the picture I drew for Kris when she first wanted to make a website.  I suggested the name Asylum 204 because we're crazy and we used to live in dorm 204 which was a significant number for both of us.  She asked me to come up with some icon ideas.  This one is the number 204 in bubbles!  I thought it was awesome and whimsical and spoke to the general atmosphere of what the website wanted to be (our website is self aware)  but Kris rejected it because she said the '0' looked too much like a boob.  W...T...F.... what boob has a shine mark on it?  Huh Kris?  WHAT BOOB!?!!  Shine mark aside, I can kinda see her point.  So I designed this one...

It's a candle fish.  It has a flame on it which is pretty and it also has a fish which speaks to our (somewhat irreverent) religious nature.  We did, after all, meet at a Christian college.  Kris said it looked like the fish was farting fire.  

Apparently everything I make looks silly. 

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