March 23, 2012

Day "26": Negligence

The 26 is in quotes because Day 26 was yesterday.  It was just one of those days... you know, the kind where you just forget things.  There was no good reason to forget, I just did.  I guess if there was a reason, it probably would have been more likely that I remembered but was just too busy or caught up in things to post but that was not the case.  I actually did remember after midnight but by then I was comfy in bed and it was tomorrow anyway so I might as well just post twice in one day. 

I have a huge scratch on my face.  Olive was being an annoying kitten when we wanted to go to bed so I caught her and picked her up by her neck skin and in the midst of flailing around desperately her foot caught my chin and I started bleeding.  It was the kind I could feel coming out.  We had to put a band-aid on it to stop it from bleeding on me.  You know, I was told that the grabbing of the neck skin trick was supposed to paralyze cats.  It just makes Olive crazier and she will use all of her means to get out of that position.  She's pretty good at getting out of it too.  Our cat is definitely not stupid. 

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