March 23, 2012

Day 27: It's really day 27

Kris is definitely winning Lent this year.  She hasn't missed a single day.  Even on her days off. 

Today is a special day because John and I get to see Ashley!  She's driving all the way from Visalia just to see us.  I worked with Ashley almost every day last summer at Sequoia.  I'm not sure how long she actually worked at Sequoia because she worked at Wuksachi before she came to Lodgepole.  I used to see her sometimes in store but I can't really remember how long ago that was.  I'm gonna go ahead and say FOREVER AGO.  Anyway, she's coming over today.  I'm not really sure when.  Visalia's like 4 hours from here.  Or 3 hours.  Hopefully she's here by dinner time because we have AWESOME THINGS PLANNED!  We have a grill and a recipe for honey glazed pork chops that I found on pinterest.  Those are all good things. 

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