March 6, 2012


Some say it's the greatest of things, some say it's all you need.

In fact several people across several thousands of years said those things and most people regard them as being pretty great.

Love is such an interesting thing.  There's so many different degrees of love.  You say "I love this shirt" and then "I love you".  Obviously you don't love a person as much as you love your shirt (generally speaking) but in both cases the use of the word is acceptable.

If not for love, we wouldn't have lent.  If lent was an acronym, when broken down the first letter would stand for Love.  Maybe we'll come up with some other lent acronyms as the weeks go on.

Love is pretty groovy people.  We should all spend more time loving. <3

1 comment:

  1. Wait.... you love your shirt more than people?