March 21, 2012


Night is my favorite time of day.  I like how much clearer everything seems.  You can see the stars which surround us at all times, but you really only think about during the evening hours.  You can clearly see the moon (or not see it).  You can hear and smell things better.  Fewer people are out and about.  It also seems like it's far more interesting than that which you can see during the day.  In other words, it inspires your imagination and creativity because you can see things better during the day, but at night, anything can be lurking about in the shadows.

Also it's cooler.

Dear Lord it has been so very hot the last couple of weeks.  To make matters worse, I live in an old house with no central air and my parents refuse to put the air conditioner in or open windows because "at some point in the future it will probably be cold again."  Well it's hot now!  In fact, it's so hot in the house that it's COLDER outside in the 80 degree whether.  Further, when it's high 70 degrees at night, air conditioning is not a bad idea.  In a house with no circulation, the air conditioning is the key!

I think I'll go lay outside and cool off while watching the stars now...maybe I'll even sleep out there.  It would probably be cooler.

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