March 4, 2012

Does Levin Strike the Same Place Twice?

Apparently there's a shorter word for lightning, albeit one that is extremely archaic.  That brings us to our L word of the day!  Levin.

I have to wonder if this word went out of use because of how close it sounds to leaven.  If you tell someone your bread is without leaven, would they get confused and think you didn't put lightning in your bread?  Does bread with levin taste better?  Did levin ever strike Leven while Mary Queen of Scots ate unleavened bread in prison?

These are things we may never know.  One thing is certain, however.  Whenever my niece or nephews get upset about lightning in the future, I'm going to tell them it's just levin and not to worry about it.  I'll bet that will cure their fear!  Now if only there was an extremely archaic word for thunder to go along with it.

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