March 27, 2012


I have been waiting for Lent days to come around to the T's so that I can talk about tea.  It's funny because it sounds like "t" and is also in itself a seperate entity!  But this is not why I want to discuss tea.

Just writing a blog a day was not the only thing I was doing for Lent.  I also gave up soda.  Now this doesn't seem like much, because I usually try to drink juice or tea anyway, but I have learned how much I actually DO drink pop with the massive amounts of tea I've been drinking.  Now don't get me wrong, I love tea, but I have never drunk it as much as I have the past few weeks of lent.  Innitially any time anyone opened up a can of pop near me, I could SMELL it and it tempted me with its sweet carbonated goodness.  But (unlike posting daily) this is something I have successfully managed to resist and now I no longer feel the siren call of the fizzy can.

Oh no, what I am addicted to now is tea.  I have not gone a day without drinking tea since Lent started and I've noticed some really interesting things lately.  A) I've gotten over my allergies a LOT faster than I ever have before.  I didn't even use medicine this time, just drank tea and boom, done in five days.  B) The stomach aches I usually get from having anxiety disorder have completely disappeared.  C) I feel more awake than when I drink a can of pop for caffiene or even coffee.  Bottom line:  tea is awesome.  I'm not talking about the stuff you get in the individually wrapped bags, though.  I've become rather fond of loose-leaf tea.  You get a more robust tea from loose-leaf and it just tastes better.

Oh!  Oh!  And did you know you can mix tea with liquor?  Yes!  They are coming up with specialty drinks which are made with tea.  Like tea martinis.  James Bond was British people, if these existed in his world, he would only drink tea martinis, shaken not stirred.

So in conclusion, tea is awesome.  Go get some!

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  1. Twisted Tea is the most awesome alcoholic beverage on the market. I wish they had it in Sacramento. Although, maybe I shouldn't wish for that because it might turn me into an alcoholic.