March 29, 2012


I had a lot of strange dreams when I was a child.  One of them was to become a strom chaser.  I wanted to do this long before the movie Twister came out, but that really only made me want to do it more.  It was exciting and they kept running into tornadoes that were bigger and bigger than the last.  Even in the end, you could just strap yourself to a pipe in a shack and live.  I. E. tornadoes weren't that scary unless you were the bad guy.

I don't remember the day I realized they would never have survived the last tonrado.  Strapping yourself down to a pipe is stupid, not to mention you would never outrun a storm like that.  I do remember that was the day I decided not to be a storm chaser because there was no need to be one anymore.  Most of the scientific work had already been done and what little there was to be done was boring scientific work.  Who wants to do that?  I wanted to be a storm chaser to have adventures, not to do science!

I actually still like the movie though.  It's campy, but it's the good kind of campy and it possesses a certain sentimental quality to me.  Perhaps one day I'll go on a storm chase just for the thrill of it.  Stand-by for pictures.

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