March 20, 2012

Day 24: Boxes

When John and I woke up this morning there was a large box sitting outside our sliding glass door.  It was the electric grill we ordered on Amazon.  Apparently it was so fragile that it was shipped in 3 boxes which Olive was ALL OVER!


Unfortunately, today was clean the living room day so there was no way I was gonna let those boxes sit in the living just for Olives amusement.  So I made this!

I made Olive her very own bed.  Of course she kept bothering me while I was trying to make it because I took all of her other toys out of the living room so her list of things to play with was down to me or the box.  I don't think she counts her real cat toys as viable options because they're not new and/or fight back.  When I was done she gave it a thorough inspection.

And then promptly decided to play elsewhere.  A little while later, she started falling asleep on the floor.  I tried to shove her in the house because it has a super comfy sleeping blanket in it but she decided she wanted to play some more.

UPDATE: Success!

and I didn't even shove her in!

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