March 10, 2012


I've decided to never mention the homework situation again...after this time...and probably more in the future.  My griping has made my frustrations clear enough...for now...

Instead, I've decided to dedicate yet another blog to Angela because today I woke up and decided it was an Angela Lent day.  Also I said I was taking "Saturdays off" from making them Lent accronyms.

Instead of just using words, I'm going to post some pictures for Angela!

When I first met Angela, she'd never really experienced life in the midwest.  I grew up spending half my life as a child of the corn and indoctrinated her.

For some reason, my state likes to piss money away.  So I took Angela to show her one of the biggest money dumping sights constructed during my lifetime.

Everytime Angela sees a cat while on a walk, she can't not stop to pet it.  You can try thisIt works every time.  I have documented proof by her own admission.

If you ever sit with Angela for lunch, make "yummy" noises while she eats.  She totally loves this.  It will make her laugh every time, gauranteed!

Angela fell in love with and married John.

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