August 22, 2012

Topic Fail

Kris and I are failing at picking topics.  For some reason (maybe because I barely open my computer) I keep missing her.  We have not been communicating very well lately. 

Speaking of communication, I have realized recently that my subconscious is sabotaging my sleep.  These are the events as they happened exactly in order:

Me: *talking in my sleep* its so hot.  Baby, take my blanket.

John: *takes away my blanket*

Me: *wakes up shivering, looks around for my blanket* where's my blanket?

At this point John has no idea that I was asleep just moments ago so he hands me a sheet thinking I want a different blanket than the one I just had.  I get frustrated and say "no, my blanket" and he literally hands me every blanket except the one I want.  I can't understand why he's not giving me the one I just had because I just had it when I went to sleep and it couldn't possibly have gotten that far away from me.  Eventually I get the correct blanket back and fall asleep while John is left to process what the hell just happened.  We figured it out in the morning when he explained to me that I had asked him to take it away from me.  I guess I'm a very convincing sleep talker. 

I used to think it was cool that I talked in my sleep.  Now I'm not so sure. 

August 10, 2012

My New Glasses

It's funny when I was a kid, I was really glad I didn't need glasses cause I didn't want to look dorky and now that I'm an adult, I'm excited about getting glasses cause they make me look smart.  I'm hoping they'll make me feel smarter too... or at least make my professors feel like I'm smarter cause only smart people wear glasses.  No one else in the world wears glasses, only smart people.  It's because their brains are so overloaded with genius, their eyes can't be bothered to work correctly.  It's the same reason geniuses are extremely messy.  When you're busy solving the worlds problems, who has time to pick up dirty clothes?  And it works out great cause I could just take my glasses off and not see the mess. 

My eyes are still adjusting to being able to see correctly.  I can see things more clearly but my head feels a little dizzy with the adjustment.  They said it would take about a week to get used to them. 

Speaking of which, there's a cruel poster inside of IHOP.  Right after we picked up the glasses, we went to IHOP for breakfast and there's a poster inside of three coffee cups, all of which are painted to look blurry.  It's like they want people to think they're going blind. 

Anyway, here's a picture so you can recognize me with my glasses on. 

Me becoming smarter

August 9, 2012


Today I decided to start working on a short story.  Now I'm hung up on names.  Name hunting has always been the hardest part of story telling for me.  I want the name to be unique but not so unique that people look at it and go "ew".  Its also nice if it has that special meaning that fits the character just right.  In this case, I'm trying to name two brothers so I also have to keep in mind that the same person would have named them both so I couldn't name one of them Mike and the other Agathangelos.  Unless of course I had the mom die in childbirth and the crazy cape wearing uncle had to name him.  That's a whole story I don't even have time to write about. 

Maybe I'll go play Diablo instead.