March 18, 2012


Apparently a "naevus" is a birthmark.  Who knew that we had a perfectly good word for birthmark in the past?  Why did naevus go out of use, I ask?  Was it too close to navel?  I don't think I'd get my naevus and my navel mixed up.  Although apparently, according to my mother, I used to be terrified of my naevus.  I had to be told it was an "angel kiss" in order for me not to freak out when I saw it.  I don't remember.  I was a child.  I was so young I don't even remember this occuring.  It just shows how odd I was even as a child.

To clarify, naevus can also mean a growth, apparently, but typically it means a mole, or a large mole.  Now the world is aware of my freakish mole that caused me to freak out as a child.

My sister, who I'm sure would love for me to talk about this, has an unsusual naevus of her own.  Her's is in the shape of a cat.  She tells me that if she were an Egyptian back in the day, she'd be venerated as a goddess because of her cat-like naevus.  She's probably right.  Some people have all the luck when it comes to naevuses.

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