April 29, 2012

Some Kind of Irony?

So as I was reading Angela's post, I noticed a link in her blog.  At first I thought she posted a link to the website she was talking about, so I didn't click on it.  Then I scrolled down a little too far and missed the end of her post, only to discover that there is also a link in my post.  Now, I did not blog a link in my blog.  I am assuming Angela did not go in to change my blog.  I am also assuming Angela did not intentionally blog a link in her blog because the link does not go to the website she's discussing.  No, no.

The links go to advertisments.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Maybe it's because we picked the advertisement topic this week, but I've been noticing ads a lot more lately.  For instance, today while I was on facebook, I suddenly realized I'd been seeing ads posted on my facebook page.  I did not link these adds to my facebook.  I don't want them there.  I don't want people thinking I endorse these products.  In fact, facebook is telling people that I endorse these products.  Why else would it be linked to my facebook page?  People link the things they like to facebook.  That is a whole new level of invasiveness and guile.  I don't anyone reading my facebook page to click to these products.  I do not endorse them.

Now blogspot is linking links in my blogs?  Again, I don't want anyone reading them or clicking on them and thinking that I endorse these products.  And then what happens when I actually do link something?  Will people assume it is an ad and not click the link?  This is a problem.  This is a problem that may result in buying our own section of the internet to avoid future incidences.

Edit:  Now that I've gone back, I see that they are orange links that keep changing places in our posts, so I'm not sure what they will be when anyone else clicks on them.  I have yet to determine whether this is an I.E. phenomenon or whether this happens on Firefox as well.

Edit II:  FAIL!  So spyware had been downloaded onto my computer which was giving me extra ads.  They are gone from the blog...but facebook is still a quandry.  I can only include that, yes...this is some kind of irony.

April 28, 2012

You want to sell me what?

So this weeks weekly topic is advertisements.  It was my turn to pick the topic so I chose this one because I came across an ad that was too good not to blog about.  At first I was disappointed because its about relationships and that topic was just done two weeks ago but then I realized that it could fall into a second category!  So I twisted the topic to fit what I already wanted to talk about.

So, I was doing some research for homework one day when I came across this on sparknotes...

At first I ignored it because who the hell clicks on ads?  They're just trying to sell stuff and nobody has money these days.  However, it popped up again and my brain suddenly process the information enough for me to say "wait.... what?  They're selling ex girlfriends?"  Of course that sounds ridiculous, but that's essentially whats going on here.  Even if she used to be your own girlfriend, this ad wants you to pay money to get back with her... they are selling you your own ex girlfriend.  Also this is pretty sexist.  Apparently there's no market for girls who want their ex boyfriend.  Either that or they figure guys are the only ones who are qualified to determine if love is real and worth getting back.  I don't believe either of those, so I'm going with sexism.

So I click on the link and behold this

And underneath was 9 boxes of information about what program you need to follow.  I have pictures but its tedious and unnecessary. 

I think the moral of this post is be wary of people trying to sell you other people.  That sounds suspiciously close to slave trade. 

I like how in the first picture it says "It's much easier to get her back... than it is to move on!"  I disagree.  Obviously something happened to kill the relationship so in order for it to work again, you'll either have to work on the relationship or (if you're just a shitty person) work on yourself.  There is no easy way out.  Relationships aren't easy so if you're choosing something because its easy, you're expressing your desire for laziness... which will ruin a relationship.

There's so much more I could say about this website.  Especially if I read all the dribble on the front page.  But for now, this will have to do. 


This week we were supposed to discuss advertisements and I was going to discuss this advertisement that has been on TV for some kind of insurance that has been bothering me.   It goes something like this:  "Scientists say on December 21st 2012 the poles are going to shift, causing gravity to hurl everyone into outerspace."  Everything is wrong with this statement.  Especially the use of "gravity".  I suggest the people who made this advertisement go sit beneath a coconut tree to discover what gravity is.

But as I was gearing up for a long rant, I was distracted with another idea.  The idea of the Superbowl.  Now, most people who watched the Superbowl in the past were sports fans who wanted to see how the season was going to end.  Superbowl eventually became a popular way for the average sports fan to gather in one location and pretend to be "there" wherever the Superbowl was being held at.  However, as sports fans usually bring wives along to these occassions and wives generally don't care about the Superbowl or the end of a season, a new phenomenon began to develop:  advertising became more clever to attract the attention of the bored people watching the Superbowl.

Generally, when people sit down to watch a show they are interested in, they do not sit to watch it because of the comercials.  People usually don't pick up the remote and say "I'm going to watch channel 8 today because I love those comercials, they crack me up."  Or "Boy, I can't wait to watch Walking Dead.  Their comercials are the bomb!"  But the Superbowl had brought advertising into a meta state.  No longer do advertisements have to try to capture the attention of the people watching the show.  Many people watch the show to SEE the advertisments.  There are even advertisements for the advertisments.  This is something I don't understand.  As a nonsports person and an anti-advertisement person, I dislike the Superbowl more than most, so I might be a little biased when I say this has become completely rediculous and ask what the hell is wrong with people.  Then again, perhaps I'm the outside voice of reason trying desperately for people to realize how they have been tricked into this situation.  Hey!  Here's a stellar idea.  Maybe if you got invited to a Superbowl party and don't like the game, instead of falling prey to the advertisers, you could designate a room for awesome movies or games?  Be proactive!  Stop the madness!

April 21, 2012

WT: Adventure

This week Kris decided that we should blog about adventure.  This is how this particular post is gonna go down: I'm gonna start out describing some half ass adventure I had this week and then try and loosely connect it to some reading I did today and some crazy idea I came up with.  So, by the time this post is concluded, I will have completely diverged from the topic of adventure.

First point of business: Kris told me to have an adventure this week.  I didn't really plan on actually doing it because I have lots of homework to do so I figured I'd just dredge up some old story about times past and try to draw some new insight into what happened.  However, without even realizing it, I actually did go on an adventure and forgot that I was fulfilling the assignment until Kris mentioned that she neglected to go on hers (suck it).

Adventure of course can be loosely defined so I consider anytime I exit the apartment for any length of time without the car to be an adventure.  Of course adventure can also include an automobile but you have to do something extra special with them to be considered an adventure like go on a road trip or drive around with no destination. 

This particular adventure was simply a walk in the neighborhood which I initiated because John and I neglected going to the gym that morning.  We ended up walking close to 3 miles though so our walk more than made up for lost exercise.  We delivered a letter to the post office and then settled down at wienerschnitzel for some ice cream.  At least that was the plan.  Actually, I ate ice cream and John had hot dogs.  Super exciting, I know; it gets better.  After our stop at hot dog heaven (insert some sarcastic intonation) we headed over to dimple records to look for movies about communism because SOMEHOW John convinced his professor to let him write a 10 page paper about movies.  Then we went home and showered because its pretty hot outside.  There was a nice breeze though so we were pretty comfortable the majority of the time.

Anyway, to loosely connect this to academia, reading books is kind of like an adventure in that it takes you places and causes you to think about things you would not otherwise go/think about.  I am well aware that that last sentence was a disaster.  I'm actually impressed with the speed at which this post is coming along.  Usually I demand complete perfection before I continue on to my next thought but for some reason, I feel like just letting it slide.

Anywhozers (again), I'm reading The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey and let me tell you, this guy thinks he's God's gift to Christianity (seriously).  He tells us a bunch of stuff that some guys came up with in the 19th century and he pretends like its been in the Bible the whole time.  Also he basically calls Jews idiots... and pretty much anyone else who has the audacity to suggest the Bible is not literal.  In fact everyone is an idiot who does not understand the Bible and biblical prophesy EXACTLY the way he does.  And we wonder why.... never mind that's really not the point. 

For SOME REASON while I was reading this psycho babble about how Philosophy of Religion is secretly witchcraft, I thought of this weird idea (that I swear I've had before... or maybe I heard it somewhere else and am just taking credit for it).  What if every person in the whole world is actually the same person?  I don't mean like the whole Buddhist "we are one" theory (although that could tie in nicely) I mean like what if one person was reincarnated after they die into someone else and this process just kept happening until that person lived the life of every single person in human history?  Think about what that would mean.  Essentially we would be fighting and disagreeing with ourselves. 

Someone's probably gonna read this and be like "there's already a whole religious system built around that concept" and then sue me for copyright infringement.  Either that or I just started a new religion.  Not that I believe it.  But then, who really believes in the religions they start?  I have a hard time believing that L Ron Hubbard really believes in Scientology.  By 'hard time' I really mean 'not at all'. 

Did you see?  I'm not even talking about adventure anymore.  I have come to the end of my own prophetic statement at the beginning of the post.  It's easy to prophesy your own actions.  I have about 90% accuracy rate.  I think this post is a record for me.  I hope no one got bored. 

A Jedi Craves Not These Things

I really, really, really wanted to have an adventure this week.  I had adventures in misadventures instead and now I don't have time to go out seeking adventure.  Which is sad, because I told Angela she had to have an adventure this week too.  Only I don't know whether she did or not.  She probably didn't because she was busy too.

Then I started to think about what qualified as an adventure.  I tried very hard to fit up some new experience I'd had this week as an adventure.  But I think in order to have an adventure, you have to experience personal growth on the journey.  I don't think I experienced personal growth this week.  I think I experienced frustration and irritation, but not necessarily personal growth.

Then, I tried to fabricate an adventure.  But the people I was fabricating an adventure with didn't experience personal growth either.  That was my bad.  There should have been a personal growth moment there...somewhere.  But I failed to provide opportunity for personal growth.  So there was no adventure there either.

THEN I tried to write about previous adventures and include Angela.  But Angela has pretty much covered those bases.

Oh!  Oh wait!  Now I know!  I will discuss the time we had a Chicago adventure together:

Angela was looking at going to a college in the state of confusion where I live, so we were going to Chicago to look at a school for ourselves. Only we were too poor to take a taxi and neither of us knew the bus routes, and there was one train that would take us mostly to where we needed to go, but we had to find the train station first.  Being the pro from Chicago that I am, I set us off in the wrong direction.  We boldly walked further and further away from our destination.

About the point I realized something was amiss was when we entered an area that was starting to look kind of shady.  I had Angela duck with me inside of a place so we could reorient ourselves off of the street.  The place we ducked into was pretty much a dive and at that point I realized if we just head back the other way, quickly and boldly, maybe no one would notice we were lost and come hastle us.  So we did just that!

Eventually we managed to find the train that took us into the area we wanted and we made it to the school.  We sat in on some classes, ate their food, got shown a really, really old book that belonged to Martin Luther, and then Angela was put on the spot with a councilor to tell them whether or not she was going to go there.  She didn't end up going there, but we did make it home with less confusion!

We were two women, alone in a big city and we persevered!  Woo adventure!

Wait...no...there was no personal growth there either.  DANGIT!

April 17, 2012

A Quick Aside

This is for my own mental stability and is not part of our weekly topics.

Grading notes.  I have never in my life encountered this particular line of bullshit before, even though I have run into others who have experienced it.  Let's be real teachers:  students take notes or don't take notes for their own benefit.  If something isn't going to benefit them, they don't need to note it.  If a class has no further use for a student when it's done, then the chore of writing additional notes and printing them out so that you can be sure that students are taking notes and printing them out only succeeds in wasting paper and irritating students.  Not all students need to take notes because some have the capacity to remember things on their own.

Just because a student is taking notes:
A) doesn't mean they are actually paying attention to what they are taking notes on.
B) doesn't mean they will ever actually use these notes

I was regoriously taking notes for this class I'm in because it's part of a grade, but the book is irritating because it has no relevance for me and the subject matter is boring and repetative.  I swear, I have only read two chapters so far and from the beginning to the middle of the book, the author has said nothing new.  From the notes I took on chapter 1, I have added nothing new.  And yet, if I don't take these notes, my grades suffer.  Not to mention I have no desire to teach this subject or this grade level.  My conclusion:  These notes are taking HOURS to write, I remember nothing from the text when I'm done, I'm bored and irritated because this isn't my subject or grade level, and I am basically wasting my time so that the instructor can pretend like she's teaching me something.  What a waste of money, time, and mental energy.

April 14, 2012

Weekly Topic: Relationships

Since Kris did an info graphic, I thought I would be a sheep and follow suit. 

The point is that no matter what kind of relationship you have, somebody will be judging you.  If you manage to get past the single stage (the one where people feel sorry for you for not being competent enough to find someone) then you go into the annoying new couple phase where people are disgusted by your cutesyness.  Then you may pass into the boring couple phase where people are inspired to wonder why you're even together.  However, if you manage to find the perfect balance and be a perfectly happy non-disgusting-cutesy couple, then people are just going to hate you for being happy cause they're super jealous.  I think my point is supposed to be you can't win, but you totally can because who really cares what other people think?  There are people who hunt big foot as if he's Jesus Christ.  Their opinions do not factor into my sense of self-worth.

Moral: Being single is awesome.  Being in a relationship is awesome.  Both of these things are true. 

April 12, 2012

Nuff Said

(In case it isn't clear, the last image is time)

Edit:  I fixed the stupid typo...I can't believe it took a week to realize there WAS a typo.

April 8, 2012

This is what I did for Easter

These are my nephews.  I secretly video taped them while Michael was demonstrating his sweet dancing skills.  Enjoy. 

Happy Easter!

I don't know how normal this is for anyone else, but I remember when I was young getting two Easters.  That is, we would color and hunt easter eggs and Easter baskets at home, but then we got to do it again a few hours later.  There was a time when we spent every holiday with my grandparents at their farm house and my grandparents were some of the most generous people I've ever known.  Even though they hardly had any trick-or-treaters, they would always buy bags of candy to hand out.  They made full Easter baskets complete with candy bunnies for all of their grandchildren.  They also used to do a lot with the church and I could almost always remember my grandmother making some kind of food goods "just because" for various things going on at the church we attended.

Hunting Easter eggs at the farm was always interesting.  There were lots of places to hide eggs, but somehow I was hardly ever able to find them.  Then again, with all of the grandkids, there could be 3-7 pairs of eyes at any given time looking for them out around the yard; depending on whether or not the older kids were into it and some of our cousins were around.

It also meant lots of food and usually a highly decorated sugar egg or cake.  I remember the sugar eggs; hollow on the inside, usually full of grass, jelly beans, and little chocolates, decorated with frosting, and colored to look very pretty.  I only remember one cake though.  It was made to look like a lamb and it was the most intricate, realistic cake I've seen even to this day.  I don't remember eating any of those things, but I remember my grandparents always spent time or money to make or buy them anyway just for decoration.  This is Easter for me.  Getting up early to hunt eggs and baskets, going to church, then changing at my grandparents' house to hunt Easter eggs and baskets and eventually run around like maniacs on their farm.  Good times.

Happy Easter!

April 7, 2012

Day 40: The End

Lent is almost over.  This is my last lent post until (possibly) next year!  All of my new posts will be non-lent but equally random and/or 50% cat-filled.  I'm glad I had Kris this year to pick up my slack and divert attention away from me forgetting to post.  And she even gave up soda!  I didn't give up anything!  Although, you could argue that I also gave up soda but that's only because I hate it.  I think soda was invented by Satan.  It attacks your mouth with bubbles made out of carbon... or something.  I'm not really sure how soda is made.  The devil does not like to divulge his secrets.  But for some reason people enjoy this bubbly torture. 

Soda drinkers are a bunch of masochists.  I'm the only person I know who doesn't like soda, so chances are I'm talking to you.... you masochist. 

Happy last day of Lent!  And if I neglect to post tomorrow (I will) HAPPY EASTER!!!

I totally thought the bunny was throwing the flower then I realized there was a steam.  But its cool, just imagine he's throwing flowers at you.  Lots and lots of flowers! 

After Fast

I'm amazed at how my mental abilities just shut down while I was fasting.  I literally couldn't concentrate on anything.  It wasn't because all I could think about was food either.  Without energy, my body was just all lethargic and my mind completely unfocussed.  I guess I understand now why they say eating is important and not eating is a bad way to lose weight.  Aside from being irritable and otherwise feeling unpleasant, you literally have problems functioning.

I did eat at midnight.  I'm not sure if that's ok, or if you're not supposed to eat until you wake up afterwards, but I couldn't go to bed hungry.  I've done that before.  I wake up feeling more lethargic and can't function all day.  Tomorrow I need to do homework, so not being awake all day was not a possibility.  But at least I did it!  A lent fast!  One day was totally enough for me too, I can't imagine doing this every friday for lent.

Two posts left for me.  I'm going to post on Sunday since I've been doing that all along.  Woo!  Then I can have soda again...I'm just not sure I want to anymore.  Giving it up was probably good for me.

April 6, 2012

Day 39: Crispies

Yesterday I rewarded myself for finishing my homework by making Rice Crispies.... with Oreos!  I found a recipe on Pinterest and have been waiting to make it when I could find time.  And guess what?  I found it!

I modified the recipe slightly.  I replaced the plain boring oreos with super delicious mint oreos because they're my favorite.  It made them taste 50% more awesome than it would have if I had used regular ones. 


This is a piece I photographed right before I ate it.  Doesn't it look scared?  It should because it's seconds from death.  Delicious crispy death. 

I just realized, I only have ONE MORE DAY of blogging after this!  I guess we're gonna have to figure out our weekly topics soon. 

Hunger Games

Friday is our usual gaming day.  Friday also happens to be "Good Friday" this week.  This means that while I try to fast, I will also be around people who are eating.  I'm starting to think this was a bad idea.

It's only 11 but I'm sooooo hungry.  This is kind of funny to me because I've been playing Skyrim religiously and missing meals without even noticing.  Without distraction, however, it's rather hard to ignore.  But at least I can have water!  I'll probably be going through a lot of water today.

My concentration is also crap right now, so I'll probably write more about this tomorrow.

April 5, 2012

Day 38: Six Flags!

Crazy random thing happened today: John won ticket to Six Flags.  We were pulling into the parking lot at Sac State to go to the gym and we were listening to the Eagle.  The announcer said to text a keyword to the number so I did it and John did it because we have unlimited texting so what have we got to loose?  Afterward I even said "What were those tickets for? Some kind of amusement park?" and John said "They were for Disneyland." and I was like "Oh, cool."  But then our confirmation text informed us they were for Six Flags which is actually better because its closer so we can make it there and back in a day without staying overnight.  So we get out of the car and go to the gym and just as I'm starting on my treadmill, I get a text saying that I didn't win and a second later I get a tap on the shoulder and hear "Baby!  I won!" 

It was pretty sweet and I think it's God's way of making sure we go on a honeymoon.  He's like "They're free!  Now you HAVE to go!"  Maybe we can work in a trip to San Francisco to make it more honeymoonish. 


What is up with instructors and binders?  Every one of my instructors this semester want me to do a particular binder for their class.  Every one of them have different expectations for these binders too.  What this means is that I had to go buy a bunch of binders which I will never use.  They tell us they want us to have them to use as instructors, but let's be honest here:  a teacher is going to do things their way, not someone else's.

This is actually becoming a source of irritation for me.  Granted, I'm coming up with some ideas that I probably wouldn't have thought to implement in my class right away, but ultimately I don't appreciate being treated like a child when I'm in a Master level program.  So far it seems like all of the classes that teach you to teach classes are going to be this way.  It's rediculous repetative redundancy that I could do without.

And when I'm an instructor, I have every belief my students will probably feel the same way.  It's a vicious cycle...but at least they can be secure in knowing I won't be assigning them binders.

April 4, 2012

Day 37: PicSay

So I've had this app on my phone pretty much since I got it called PicSay.  It's a photo editing/enhancing/sillifying program.  Sillifying is when you make something silly just in case that wasn't clear.  Anyway, I've only just started using this program recently.  For example this morning when I wanted John to get out of bed and join me in the living room I sent him this picture...

It's so much easier to manipulate someone's emotions with kittens.  Then later when John went to take the trash out and talk to the manager and I somehow completely forgot that he had left the apartment and was wondering what the heck he was doing, I sent him this...

For the record, this is a realistic picture because she likes to sleep underneath his desk when he's in it.  Since he was not there, she had no reason to be under the desk and was starting to feel lonely. 

I'm going to send him this one later because he's off working on a project...

I may never send a regular text message again


One thing I remember from my youth about the last few days of lent is my grandmother fasting.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which days she used to fast for lent.  I think it was Thursday or Friday because Jesus was "dead" and therefore you fast.  Either way, I'm considering doing this this year.  I've never fasted before and I get the feeling it's not an entirely pleasant experience.  However, I feel the need for a change in my life and culminating my lent experience by steeping it in tradition sounds like the first step.  Either way I'll have to look into this a bit more.  I can't remember whether this is a three day thing or not.  Like...Thursday through Saturday.  With a paper to write and people coming over this weekend on top of school, this may not happen.  If it does, I will surely log it into the blog.

April 3, 2012

Day 36: School

You know, it's not just lent that went by fast, this whole semester is speeding by.  I only have a little over a month until summer.  In grade school that would make me feel happy and joyful but in college, it just makes me go "OH SHIT I ONLY HAVE A MONTH TO GET ALL MY SHIT DONE!"  That is how I will feel until I finish my final paper.  Then I will feel like my happy joyful young self who is done with school for a whole summer.  UNLESS I take summer school which might happen.  I'm actually planning on talking to the head of department today to find out if that is a possibility.  That's the nice (and annoying) thing about grad school.  It's not a straight forward system.  If I want to take undergrad courses (which I'm totally allowed to do) I have to get approval from the department head and the professor teaching the course so that they can both make sure I'm doing more work than an undergraduate.  However, there's a class I want to take next fall that doesn't have a professor listed yet.  This could put a wrench in my whole plan.  Or force me to take another class.  Both equality as horrible. 

Counter Point

Of course I agreed to write on a weekly topic with Angela.  While this began as a "Lent blog" it would be foolish only to update once a year for 40 days.  While this has been a great way to get me to write down thoughts about random things every day for weeks on end, I did like the idea of being able to slow down and consider posts ahead of time.  I've written a couple in preparation for this blog that I look forward to posting at some point in the future, finding them unsuitable for Lent posty goodness.  Lent posts are a time for rediculocity and randomness.  All other blog posts are serious business.

That being said, Angela is at my mercy for what I choose to post.  Commence with the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

April 2, 2012

Day 35: The Countdown

It's the last week of Lent!  This lent went by pretty fast.  Probably because I'm in school now and time in school goes faster because their is always homework to do and its always due before you're ready.  Then summers and breaks go fast because you don't want to go back to school.  Time is just mean like that.  I was out of school for two years.  Longest years of my life. 

Anyway, after lent, Kris has agreed to do a weekly topic with me.  She can't back down now cause I've put it in writing.  It's legally binding. 

I have a fever...

And the only cure is more Skyrim.

Spring break is finished and I'm back in school for another quarter.  I can already tell this is going to be even more obnoxious than the last quarter.  So the only solution is to get as much work done as humanly possible and drown my sorrows in Skyrim...or writing.  Writing works too.

But for now, Skyrim!  I don't know what it is about this particular game over the other Elder Scroll series, but it stands out as one of the best in my opinion.  I am completely absorbed into this game in a way that Morrowind and Oblivion failed to do.  I think the reason why has a lot to do with the different way they changed character creation and the CRAP TON OF QUESTS YOU TRIP OVER OMG.

Seriously, you cannot walk out your front door without someone running up to you and telling you that they need you to trim their toe-nails because you are the world's grunt.  Congratulations on being Dragonborn, now go out into the world and do menial tasks for everyone.  Apparently no one else in the world is motivated enough.  I'm hours into the game and dubious about whether or not I can take over the world.  It seems like it should be easy, since you're the only one in existence who can be bothered to do anything.  But I somehow get the sneaking suspicion that when the game ends, I won't be anything more than a very powerful thane of Whiterun...and Solitude...and um...how many thaneships can one have?

Anyway, the game is addictive and engaging and I highly recommend it to anyone lucky enough to have the time to devote to it.  Someday maybe I will have the time to devote to it, but today is not that day...anymore...because I already mostly did...*cough*.

April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

One week and counting!

I actually wanted to talk about Palm Sunday today because it has a special place in my heart.  Around this time of year, my Mom, sisters, and sometimes my Dad and I would go to visit our Grandmother in Tennessee.  Since she passed two years ago, we haven't gone to her house or anything since.  I actually really miss it.  Every year, my Grandmother's church has a ceremony with fire.  I don't really know what the significance of it is, but I remember it because it was like having a bonfire at the church.  We would also get palms which we would sometimes braid into neat patterns during the palm service.

One time, when we were supposed to go up and get blessed by the priest, my sister accidentally decided to take communion instead.  She drained the entire wine glass as well, proving my sister is my mother's daughter when it comes to having a taste for wine.  I remember how mad and embarrassed my mom was about it, but it's pretty funny in retrospect...from a certain view point.

Our church sometimes did a pagent of sorts with someone playing Jesus and riding in on the paper mache donkey they stored up in the attic.  This didn't happen every year.  I remember it happening at least once...like, the one year we weren't in Tennessee for palm sunday.  So maybe it did happen every year.  It definitely could have!

Either way, the getting of palms and the celebration of the last week of Jesus before he became crossed is one of my favorite celebrations for some reason.  Have a picture to celebrate!