March 24, 2012

Day 28: Movies!

Today is going to the movies day.  But first its eat Thai food day.  This day is that awesome that we can do BOTH THINGS.  It's a good thing to because I am STARVING right now.  That may be a tad bit of an over exaggeration.  But that's okay because we're going to get food soon. 

It is sure to be a successful evening because I am wearing my double unicorn success club t-shirt.  That means nothing in the history of ever can go wrong while I am wearing it.  I will also wear my special flower but I can't put it in right now because John is hogging the only room with a mirror in it. 

Girls can't operate without mirrors.  It's against the laws of girl-ness.  We need to be able to check how pretty we are every 5 minutes.  I think its just cause girls have an awful memory so we forget what we look like.  That's also why we like boys to tell us how pretty we look because it reminds us that we're pretty when we haven't checked a mirror recently.  That's also why we take pictures of ourselves so that when we're old and old-lady pretty, we can remember that we used to be young-girl pretty.  We like to remember all the different ways in which we used to be pretty. 

This post has really gotten away from the main idea.  That's okay.  Movies are pretty.  Ha!  See!  I made a connection. 

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