March 17, 2014

Baby Shower

Bishop got his first baby shower last night.  The getting clean kind, not the kind with presents.  But I did let him play with my margarita glass.  It's good too cause I managed to get a picture that is internet appropriate.  I mean, the ones with his penis hanging out are super cute, but I feel like he might be upset with me someday if he knows his baby penis is on the internet.  I'll just keep that shit in the baby book where it belongs to show to his future girlfriends. 

This is a good sink for baby washing.  It's deep and easy to sit up in.  The only issue was he kept reaching for the knobs so I had to distract him with the margarita cup.  Next time, we'll go back to bath time cause we have the sink plug now. 


  1. You can't blog post baby penis, Angela! We'll be shut down for child pornography! >.<

  2. It's still considered child pornography!