March 17, 2012


Today was not the first time it's rained this year, but it was the first time I really thought about how much I missed the rain.  I actually really like rain.  It's soothing and cleansing, plus there's nothing like the smell after a rainstorm:  wet dirt and greenery.

Angela had just been warning me yesterday that the rain was on the way.  I'm a little sad because I haven't really had a chance to enjoy the hot weather we've been having lately.  I've spent all week working or homeworking which means I'm mostly trapped inside looking out the window at how nice and sunny and wonderful it is.  All the while, my mind keeps teasing me with other thoughts like "Sure you could go out and enjoy it now, but will you actually finish your assignment?" or "If you had just turned this job down, you could be done with your homework and out there right now."

The best conclusion I can come to is that my brain is evil and likes to torment me.

But now!  Now that I have finally finished my midterm and one of the three 5 page papers I've been working on for a while, all I can think about is how the rain just came through and it will probably be cooler, spring weather now.  Which means I get to go out and enjoy SPRING instead of crazy "OMG March is proof of global warming!" weather.

Haha!  I win!

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