March 16, 2012

Day 21: The Evolution of Kitten

This is our adorable kitten back when she was known as 'shoulder cat'.  For some reason, she felt the need to be intimately involved in every task we were doing so she would perch on the shoulder for a realistic perspective on what was going on.  Above you can see her watching John do computer things (probably video games).  And here she is helping me watch TV. 

Unfortunately kittens grow up.  She's too big to balance on our shoulders anymore so she is now....

Desk cat!  Not wishing to give up her intimate involvement in our most mundane activities, she merely sits between John and the computer instead of on the shoulder.  Why she did not choose the lap is beyond me.  Seems like it would be a lot more comfortable down there.  I guess she doesn't feel as intrusive sitting on laps than right in front of the keyboard.  That's just how she rolls.... in our face all the time.  And people say cats are independent. 

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