March 17, 2012

Day 22: Green

Today is a picture post day.  I have many things to share in pictures.  First off, this morning I thought I'd take advantage of my kitty's white fur as an excellent canvas for St. Patrick's Day.

This is my attempt to draw a shamrock on her head.  It was very difficult because she wouldn't sit still and I had to wrap her in a blanket while I drew it.  Plus she has fur which doesn't work the same as paper.  So it turned out kinda crappy.  Then I tried this....

I put some food dye in hot water and poured it on her back.  She licked it off and it ended up being a very pale green.  Paler even than this picture.  I think Olive wants to be divorced out of this family.

So I decided to lay off the cat because I figured she'd had enough of St. Patrick and I handed to green food coloring over to John.  He made this...

It's green eggs!  There's no ham in it though so... don't even ask.  It was very tasty.  Then we headed over to Debbie's for a thanksgiving style St. Patrick's day dinner with Beth, Mike, and the nephews.  Also tasty.

When we came home, I checked the mail and I got this!

It's a double unicorn success club shirt from the bloggess!  John got one too!

His has a picture of Wil Wheaton collating paper.

Today has been a success.  

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