March 24, 2012


One day, I came home from going out with my friends to find a crazy, small animal scurrying around our house.  She would run from one end of the house to the other over and over again.  If you tried to walk anywhere, she'd appear out of nowhere, leap a foot into the air (but was careful NOT to touch you), and then scurry away as though nothing happened.  My parents told me they had picked her because when they walked by the display, she was hurling herself at the window, sticking with her pads, and slowly sliding down the glass; wash, rinse, repeat.  I dubbed her "Cat", even though my Mom wanted to name her "Isis".  My name stuck.

Cat does not like me, even though I don't know why.  She used to wrapper herself around my arm and let me carry her places.  Now, if I so much as touch her head, she has to bathe herself.  If I touch her again, she'll bathe herself again and again and again.  I think she thinks I'm dirty and somehow my hands are soiling her fur.  If I'm trying to sleep on the couch, she'll climb up the back and hang on the material, swing her body around, and swat my head until I wake up.  Then she simply drops to the ground and runs away.  I am desperately trying to record this to prove the validity of my claim.  Cat is also camera shy.

Cat grew up with our dog Molli and she thinks she's part dog.  If we play fetch with Molli, Cat will bring her toy for us to throw, chase it, and retrieve it like a dog.  As she's grown, she's gotten better at figuring out ways of catching it so she doesn't have to chase it.  She'll leap into the air and snatch it with her paws to avoid having to go all the way to the other side of the house and back.  She also thinks she's a vulture because most of the time she sits in her cat tree over my head, looming down, reminiscent of Snoopy from the Charlie Brown series.

All this is lead up to a strange happening today.  I came downstairs and no one else was in the house, but the answering machine was beeping.  I went over to see if it was a message left for me when I felt something thump against my leg and begin to curl around it.  Surprisingly it was Cat.  She must have been feeling lonely because she then lay down and let me pet her for a full five minutes.  Of course as soon as she heard my parents coming back, she ran off.  She can't be seen with me, I make her dirty by association.  But perhaps, just perhaps, she's starting to warm up to me.

I'm not cool like Angela, I have no pictures of Cat to show.  You'll just have to imagine a black and white Cat!

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  1. If we were able to get Bishop, we would have an all white and all black cat and you could just add them together and get Cat. Unfortunately, we can't afford another pet deposit, so this awesome situation will just have to wait.