March 28, 2012

Day 31: Books

You know what I find the most baffling about the Hunger Games?  The fact that I didn't even know it existed until the movie trailer came out.  I read all the Harry Potter books.  I read all 4 Twilight books before the first movie came out.  How did I not hear about this series that was supposedly "so popular"?  What else is the book world keeping from me?  I feel neglected.  Not that I have any time to read any more books.  I'm still half way through Memnoch the Devil.  I'm pretty sure its been almost a year since I started that book.  It's a shame too because its really good and I really wanna finish it but all this pesky school reading is getting in my way. 


  1. From what I understand of everyone I've talked about this book with, you're not missing out on much. It's like an extensive Lord of the Flies. What concerns me is that there may or may not be sexual content in it and parents allow their children to read the series because "it's so popular".

  2. OMG, the movie, Kris.... the movie.... have you seen it? It shows some guy beating another guy to death in the head with a brick. How young are the kids that are reading and watching this stuff?