March 21, 2012

Day 25: Cats don't sleep where you tell them to

Breaking news: Olive has not destroyed her house yet.  It is still 100% intact.  That's probably the most exciting thing to happen all day.  Something I made was not destroyed.  That's not even something happening either.  That's something not happening.  It's okay though because I cleaned the apartment yesterday so I wasn't really neglecting anything.

After that picture of Olive sleeping in the house, I don't think she's gone back in there.  She's sleeping underneath Johns computer desk right now while he plays video games.  That seems to be her favorite spot.  Seems like a fluffy blanket would be more comfortable but whatever.  It's not like I spent a whole 45 minutes putting a house together just for her to sleep in.  Cats are so ungrateful. 

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