August 22, 2012

Topic Fail

Kris and I are failing at picking topics.  For some reason (maybe because I barely open my computer) I keep missing her.  We have not been communicating very well lately. 

Speaking of communication, I have realized recently that my subconscious is sabotaging my sleep.  These are the events as they happened exactly in order:

Me: *talking in my sleep* its so hot.  Baby, take my blanket.

John: *takes away my blanket*

Me: *wakes up shivering, looks around for my blanket* where's my blanket?

At this point John has no idea that I was asleep just moments ago so he hands me a sheet thinking I want a different blanket than the one I just had.  I get frustrated and say "no, my blanket" and he literally hands me every blanket except the one I want.  I can't understand why he's not giving me the one I just had because I just had it when I went to sleep and it couldn't possibly have gotten that far away from me.  Eventually I get the correct blanket back and fall asleep while John is left to process what the hell just happened.  We figured it out in the morning when he explained to me that I had asked him to take it away from me.  I guess I'm a very convincing sleep talker. 

I used to think it was cool that I talked in my sleep.  Now I'm not so sure. 

August 10, 2012

My New Glasses

It's funny when I was a kid, I was really glad I didn't need glasses cause I didn't want to look dorky and now that I'm an adult, I'm excited about getting glasses cause they make me look smart.  I'm hoping they'll make me feel smarter too... or at least make my professors feel like I'm smarter cause only smart people wear glasses.  No one else in the world wears glasses, only smart people.  It's because their brains are so overloaded with genius, their eyes can't be bothered to work correctly.  It's the same reason geniuses are extremely messy.  When you're busy solving the worlds problems, who has time to pick up dirty clothes?  And it works out great cause I could just take my glasses off and not see the mess. 

My eyes are still adjusting to being able to see correctly.  I can see things more clearly but my head feels a little dizzy with the adjustment.  They said it would take about a week to get used to them. 

Speaking of which, there's a cruel poster inside of IHOP.  Right after we picked up the glasses, we went to IHOP for breakfast and there's a poster inside of three coffee cups, all of which are painted to look blurry.  It's like they want people to think they're going blind. 

Anyway, here's a picture so you can recognize me with my glasses on. 

Me becoming smarter

August 9, 2012


Today I decided to start working on a short story.  Now I'm hung up on names.  Name hunting has always been the hardest part of story telling for me.  I want the name to be unique but not so unique that people look at it and go "ew".  Its also nice if it has that special meaning that fits the character just right.  In this case, I'm trying to name two brothers so I also have to keep in mind that the same person would have named them both so I couldn't name one of them Mike and the other Agathangelos.  Unless of course I had the mom die in childbirth and the crazy cape wearing uncle had to name him.  That's a whole story I don't even have time to write about. 

Maybe I'll go play Diablo instead. 

July 24, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Every year that a Batman movie graces my life is a good year.  In 2005, I was learning to become an adult.  In 2008, I was in the midst of college and having great adventures at my first year in Sequoia (one of which was driving 2 hours to see Dark Knight in a midnight showing with seven fellow employees).  This year I married my soul mate.  All good things.

It was great movie.  I left fully satisfied and excited.  It was no Dark Knight though.  I couldn't believe that this movie would surpass that level of cinematic awesomeness... and it didn't. You just can't beat the deranged anarchy of the Joker.  I'm actually really glad they didn't try.  This was different than the Dark Knight.  It had its own feel.  I hate when sequels just try to copy paste the successful part of a movie and change the details.  For instance, I heard they tried to replicate Willem Dafoe's character in Boondock Saints 2 but with a female and it just didn't work.  I'll never see it because everyone I know says its awful and I don't want to tarnish my memory of the first one. 

I also hate it when they make the same jokes in sequels.  Take Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrows obsession with rum was only vaguely funny by the end of the first movie.  When he mentioned rum in the second one, I cringed.  Sure maybe I watched the first one too many times but so did everyone else and that joke was dead.  Now I can't even find rum funny anymore cause it just makes me think of Jerry Bruckheimer beating a dead horse. 

My point is this: yes the Dark Knight Rises was a bit slow, but I appreciated that it was its own movie and that it didn't try to bank on Heath Ledgers awesomeness.  One of the unexpected highlights of the movie for me was Cillian Murphy.  His scene made me laugh. 

On a related note, my parents came by for lunch the other day and gave us the Batman comic that just so happened to be the one the movies are based on.  I guess they found it in my brothers things while cleaning the garage and just knew where it should belong.  I've started reading it and its pretty good.  The only other comic I've ever read is the graphic novel Watchmen.  The style of internal dialogue in Batman reminds of Rorschach's journal.  I don't know if this is a regular comic book thing or not. 

On an unrelated note, Olive is at the vets office getting fixed right now.  This means I will be entertained later on by a drunk acting kitty.  Good. Times.

Olive giving me 'I'm too cute for surgery' eyes

July 16, 2012

My Generation

To be honest, all this generation talk is kind of annoying.  I hate it when people point to something that current 12-year-olds like and say "our world is doomed".  They're fucking 12.  Their little brains aren't fully developed yet.  They'll get over it.  I don't even want to remember all the fucked up shit I thought was awesome at 12 years old.  I thought my life would be complete if I married a guy twice my age in a shitty boy band.  You can't expect a half developed mind to know good music... or talent.  Teenage girls just want a cute boy to ogle.  That's probably the reason people don't seem to notice how horrible Kristen Stewart's acting is.  My bet is that the majority of 13 year old girls don't even notice she's in the movie.  They're too busy wetting their pants over douche-bag Pattinson. 

The thing that's really weird about the whole Twilight thing is the 30-something year old housewives who are in love with Edward.  I really feel like they should be old enough to know better.  Its also disconcerting to think about what these stories are teaching teenage girls about love.  If you fall in love in high school, its forever.  If he stalks you, it means he loves you.  If he leaves you, you'll NEVER get over it.  Basically, the main character has no personality without Edward.  Shit, she has no personality WITH Edward, she's just not crying over him.  So, the moral is you're nothing without a man, you might as well die.  And don't say "its different, he's a vampire" cause that's bullshit.  MAYBE its a little different for him but Bella's human and she is setting a shitty example for other human girls.

So while Kris was complaining about today's literature, we decided we're gonna write our book.  It's gonna blow all the other books out of the water with its awesomeness. 

July 15, 2012

A Word on Literature...and Masochism

I have been reading terrible books lately.  Really awful books.  The worst part is that these are books that are popular right now.  This genuinely concerned me at first, because I usually have better taste as far as literature goes, but then I sensed an opportunity.  I already have an adventure log going, but since summer courses have started, the end of my adventuring began (I've just been too busy to do much other than homework).  Instead, I think I'm going to put the travel log on hiatus and try instead to write up reviews of the so called "popular" books that I've been reading lately.

Unfortunately, this means I'm also intent on finishing the Hunger Games series for no other reason than to torture myself in an attempt at giving the author a fair shot to see if anything improves.  Since I don't really have a lot of time, what with school and all, I will limit my reviews to what I have already started to read for now.  Maybe later, I'll begin taking requests.  If nothing else, hopefully this will inspire some creative rants.  I'll try to be more entertaining than my last evaluation of the Hunger Games.

July 14, 2012

The Hunger Games...for real

So I apparently picked a terrible topic a few weeks ago and it has completely stalled updates to the site.  I take all the blame.  Because Angela is wonderful and she didn't want to disappoint me by not posting, but she didn't post because the topic I picked was terrible (there Angela, you are absolved of all blame for being lazy :p).

I originally wanted to talk about the generation gap because I've been taking classes in middle level education and have been having some interesting experiences.  One of which being that I had to read a book that most middle schoolers are reading and then discuss it.  So I chose "The Hunger Games" because everyone is raving about it and even my niece is enjoying reading it.  To be honest, I have no idea why everyone likes this book.

I went into reading it expecting something really good.  Don't get me wrong, the writing is very engaging.  But somewhere around chapter three, I just couldn't stomach the book any further.  The idea of adults laughing and joking about children being made to murder each other for their entertainment is apparently far too disturbing a concept for me to get over (even though there wasn't a lot of gorey detail in the book).  I also don't understand the message that kids are supposed to take away from this.  The world is so cruel and unfair that clearly the upper class is entertained by the suffering of the lower class?  That adults are so far removed from the lives of their children that it's up to them to raise themselves?  That love is nothing more than a tool for some people to use at their convenience?  There was little about the book I liked and I especially hated the ending which clearly railroaded the reader into reading the second book just so that you got a sense of completion to the story.

I wonder if I simply don't understand the concept of the book because it wasn't meant for me and for my generation, but I thought the author was a product of my generation.  Perhaps I'm wrong about this, I'll have to look more closely into it for my review of the book.  Whatever the case, I clearly missed the point and I clearly don't understand why this is having such an influence on my niece and nephew's generation.  I wonder if I really am more out of touch than I originally thought.  I'm starting to feel like the "uncool adult" I've always wanted to avoid becoming.

June 25, 2012

Ghost TV

So while we were at the Winchester Mystery House, we heard stories about ghosts and creepy paranormal activity.  One of the tour guides said she had seen such a ghost herself.  I myself have never seen a ghost but I like to believe that the various credible sources from which I have heard ghost stories (which include close friends) are not out of their minds and that ghosts do in fact exist. 

Now while we were there, we heard that the ghost hunting show had been to the house in recent years.  We also heard that they were complete assholes to everyone and didn't even stay the whole night because it was "too scary" (the employees stay until 4am on a regular basis as part of their job).  Now I've seen the show Ghost Hunters before and I thought that was kind of odd because they didn't really seem like the type that would be assholes or even scare easily.  So today I decided to track down the episode after Kris informed me they were available on youtube.  It turns out there was two ghost hunting shows that investigated the Winchester Mystery House (Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures) and it didn't take long to figure out which show the employees were talking about.

Behold the level of douchebaggery...


The guy from Ghost Adventures is unbearable.  At one point he actually attempted to open two of the bathrooms in the house because he has to pee and then complains to the tour guide about those bathrooms being a cocktease.  Who the fuck tries to use the bathroom in a historical landmark?  If I was in charge, I would have told him to get the fuck out. 

June 24, 2012

Canadian Elephant

Deep in the wilds of British Columbia, there once was a circus.  This circus had elephants, but the elephants were restless and tired of performing.  One day, the elephants decided they could no longer abide the life of the circus folk and fled into the wilds of Canada.  Of course the Canadians and the circus people didn't agree with the elephants and they made it a mission to track down and bring back every last elephant.  Although they managed to capture the other elephants without problems, one cunning elephant remained elusive.  With his survival prowess, he remained hidden in the wilds of British Columbia.

I have seen this elephant! I saw the statue they errected to commemorate the capture of this elephant.  But the entire premise is rediculous.  They apparently bathed the elephant in champaign and rechristened it upon its return to the circus.  I wonder if they'll have an elephant hunt to commemorate the 100 year anniversary which isn't too far off.  I am in complete support of this!

June 23, 2012

Home Coming

I loved California.

I adored the mountains of Canada.

But there is nothing quite like flying back into Chicago at day break.

June 22, 2012

"Crazy" Mrs. Winchester

The story of my life.  Kris is off on vacation busy doing awesome vacationy things and she STILL manages to post before me.  But its cool because for this particular adventure, we were together!

See? Its us. TOGETHER!

After three LONG years apart, Krangela was finally reunited for 10 whole days!  We spent one of those days at the Winchester Mystery House because neither of us had ever been there and Kris really wanted to go and I really wanted an excuse to drive to San Jose to see it.  Totally worth it.  Fun times were had by all.  Even the tour guide was cracking himself up at practically every stop.  Its nice to know that he was enjoying his job.  It seems like tour guiding could get a bit tedious. 

Also, Kris got to meet my husband.  Not that day, they met earlier when we picked Kris up from the airport.

Evidence that Kris and John met

I think it goes without saying that they hit it off because everyone loves my husband... and everyone loves Kris too so there was really no way for this to go wrong. 

In the gift shop, there was a candy house replica of the mystery house.

It looked exactly like this.  And here's a pic of the actual house for comparison. 

Nailed it

Fun story, apparently the ghost hunters filmed an episode here and they were jerks to everyone and didn't even stay the whole night because it was too scary even though nothing happened.  I wonder if I could track down that episode.  It would be interesting to watch. 

Alas, Kris left us for Canadaland on Monday.  I can only hope it wont be another three years before we see each other again.  We're working on convincing her to move to California which shouldn't be too difficult because we have awesome sushi.  Apparently our mediocre sushi is way better than their "really good" sushi.  Perhaps if we had taken her to the best sushi place, she would never have left. 

June 21, 2012

The House of Winchester

Due to travel and issues with the internet, I have not been able to get around to this week's topic (which was actually meant to be an adventure topic, but Angela decided to turn it into this week's topic :p).

Every picture I've ever seen of the Mystery House has it nicely surrounded by farmland.  This picture clearly demonstrates how this is not the case:  see the movie theater sign on one side, the busy street behind the sign, and the housing on the other side.  The House of Winchester is now in a sea of city, looking oddly out of place, and all the more like a tourist trap rather than a historical site.

We weren't really allowed to take pictures of the inside of the house, but I got some neat shots of the outside.  It's hard to tell how big the house really is from these, though, because it looks much smaller than one might think.  The inside is indeed a labyrinth, but it seemed much more straight forward than they wanted us to believe.  They said if you straggled behind on the tour, you would get very lost and wouldn't be able to find your way out.  Yet, I noticed a lot of doubling back on the tour, which led me to believe it would be very easy to find your way out as long as you knew what you were looking for.  Mrs. Winchester and her guests needed to be able to find thier way around the house after all.

There is in fact a "Door to Nowhere"

Teresa and I couldn't help bending the rules a little...technically this is outside the house

Angela and John being cute in the garden

The statue built to appease the Native American spirits who died from Winchester guns

I would definitely recommend taking both parts of the tour to anyone who wants to go.  You only see parts of the house on either tour, but it's only $5 more to see both and as much of the house as they open to the public.  We didn't see any ghosts, but apparently others have, plus you can spend as much time wandering through what remains of the estate (outside of the house) as you'd like for free.

June 12, 2012

I'm sailing away

I wouldn't say I've done a lot of traveling really, but I have seen a lot of airports.  I had to travel back and forth to college in Illinois and I would often have a connection flight at some random airport in between destinations.  Surprisingly, the only experience I've had thus far with lost luggage was on my very first air travel experience when I was in 9th grade.  Luckily they lost it on the way home so we didn't need the contents of the luggage for clothes and things. 

My favorite city for layovers is Las Vegas.  It is very entertaining to touch down among pyramids and random world land marks in the middle of a desert.  I've never actually left the airport so I have no idea what the rest of Las Vegas is like.  To me it is a sea of fake land marks.  On one flight, the stewardess was so excited to be going to Las Vegas and she just assumed the rest of the passengers were staying there as well so she was trying to get everyone excited about going to her favorite city.  Then on the connection flight out of Vegas, the stewardess commented on how people were 'leaving the party'.  I guess it was a short party for me. 

"Next week" is Winchester mystery house!  Kris and I will be going on an adventure together!  AND BLOGGING ABOUT IT! 

Flight from Insanity

I am getting to be as bad as Angela...although I blame Angela for the lateness of this week's topic posts.  It is entirely her fault for inviting me to come out to her crazy part of the country and then taking up all my time with doing cool fun things.

The trip to California was relatively uneventful.  Apparently we brought the winds from the midwest with us, though, because we hit a ton of turbulance as we flew.  The plane couldn't even land straight because of the winds.  There was also a marked difference from flying out of my neck of the woods and into California.  My airport was dirty, full of irritable people, and absolutely packed.  Angela's airport was clean, empty, and full of people all happy to be in California.

I really don't have anything interesting to discuss about the flight.  It wasn't interesting at all.  In fact, it was so boring that it put me to sleep a few times.

However, upon my arrival, Angela and John took me out for sushi. It was the best sushi I have EVER HAD IN MY LIFE OH MY GOD.  And then they told me later that it wasn't even "the best sushi place" just the "most affordable" and in fact it isn't even all that good in comparison.  Clearly I am missing out on something special here.

Tomorrow we're going on an adventure to the Winchester Mystery House.  I'll probably have an update to my adventure log shortly thereafter...with pictures.

June 6, 2012

Adventure Log: Misadventure

I didn't really forget to update my adventure log, it just slipped my mind...
It also slipped my mind to bring a camera, so once again there are no pictures.

Last week, I had an adventure in misadventure.  Some of my friends invited me to go for a hike in the woods behind another friend's house.  For some reason, it didn't occur to me that walking through her woods meant there is no path to walk on.  We drove out into the woods behind her field in the back of the pick-up truck.  It reminded me a lot of being at my grandparents' farm house.  All the cousins used to pile in the back of the old blue ford pick-up and our grandfather would drive us through the fields and down the grass trail which used to be the rest of the road.  This one was a bit more intensive because there were low hanging trees to duck as well.

When we finally arrived at our destination, it occurred to me that there was no trail.  I had been foolish enough to wear shorts and there was a ton of tall grass.  Finally, one of our friends pointed out multiple places full of poison ivy and I decided this was not for me.  I don't just get itchy from poison ivy, I get it for months and with my trip to California and Canada around the corner, I did not want to be suffering from poison ivy on my skin while I vacation.  Rather than leaving me to my own devices, we decided to explore her field instead.  The field was full of corn.  (Angela, I told you we walk through cornfields for entertainment where I come from.)

Once the cornfield had ceased to be entertaining, we went back to the house for jubilee beneath the willow trees.  We made crowns from the willow branches and some of us had tournaments with rapiers (yes, real rapiers), sticks, and willow wips.  There was no clear victor from the fight, but no one got stabbed without the protective gear so everyone was a winner.  Let me tell you something, if you've never seen a rapier before, it is easy to see how these things can kill people.

After our jubilee, we supped then went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  This movie wasn't just bad.  It was terrible.  Game of Thrones meets Princess Bride meets Snow White if Snow White loved the Huntsman instead of the prince.  Also it was kind of disturbing how easily some of the dialogue fit better into an adult film.  If you happen to see this movie, I suggest going in with that mind-set.  It makes things much more entertaining.

So that was my weekly adventure in misadventure.  Next week's adventure log will totally feature more Angela :D  Oh, and there WILL be pictures.

June 4, 2012


So this weeks topic (and by this week I mean last week) is celebrities.  I wanted to get into the full experience of a celebrity by writing my weekly topic late.  Whenever celebrities go places, they're always the last to arrive because it gives people a chance to gather and get super excited about their appearance.  Except in this case I'm pretty sure the only person anxiously awaiting my post is my co-blogger, Kris, and she's probably more annoyed than excited about my tardiness.  But that's okay because that's the other thing celebrities do best: annoy people! 

What really interests me about celebrities is the pedestal society puts them on.  Take for example fan-girls.  I think I can speak fairly on their behalf because I used to be one.  Don't ask which ones, I will never tell.  The only one I'm not really embarrassed about is Chris Pine because I think he has actual talent and also his voice is super sexy. 

Whats interesting is when girls think these celebrities are super marriage material.  We think just because they're hot, they would make perfect husbands... or wives.  Any idiot who has even accidentally overheard any kind of celebrity gossip can tell you that this is not the case.  Celebrities have the worst track record when it comes to relationships.  I'm guessing its because they spend most of their time pretending to be someone else so its hard to figure out who they actually married. 

Whats really annoying is this idea that a person would drop whoever they were with if they even had a chance at dating a celebrity.  Like that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to date Marisa Tomei at the expense of his fiance.  It's like people think celebrities are made out of different material than regular people.  I mean maybe there's some regular person whose soul mate is super famous but I think people who fantasize about marrying celebrities are just gold diggers. 

My name is a celebrity!

June 2, 2012

David Selby

When my mom was younger, she was interested in this television soap opera called Dark Shadows.  It's been getting a lot of attention lately because of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  My mom always liked Barnabas Collins as her favorite character and later on, when it returned to television on reruns in the early 90's, my sisters and I used to watch it with her.  Even though I always told her Barnabas was my favorite, I secretly always liked Quentin more.  This flies in the face of my general interests.  In the debate of vampire vs werewolf, I'm totally a vampire person.  And yet, Quentin (the werewolf character) was somehow superior to Barnabas in my opinion.  Go figure.

Years later, after seeing the movie, I suddenly decided to find out what happened to "Quentin Collins".  It turns out the actor, David Selby, has done quite well for himself.  Apparently he's in the Batman animation "The Dark Knight Returns" part one and two as James Gordon.  This may be something I will have to look into tracking down, if only because I'm apparently something of a fan girl...and unobservant.

So even though David Selby is likely to never read this's to you David Selby!  You're totally awesome!  The best werewolf ever!

May 25, 2012

The Devil

So I guess there's no official topic for this week because Kris didn't pick one but she told me to blog about Diablo 3.  She can't blog about it because she doesn't have it cause her computer isn't awesome.  Mine isn't either but luckily John's computer is so I just steal it from him and play on his account. 

However, I'm not going to subject you to actual game-play talk because I'm not a gamer so the only thing I would really say is "I get to shot things and then pick up gold" and that would be the end of my blog.  Instead I'm going to talk about non-game play, as in when I'm trying to play the game and then suddenly I find myself not playing the game. 

How is this possible?  John's computer kept over heating.  There I was playing the game for only the second time ever and I was in the middle of some field killing things or picking up loot or something and suddenly THERE WAS NO GAME!  Its like Johns computer suddenly decided it didn't want me to play anymore.  It was like "you don't know how to touch me like John does, why don't you go back to typing on your inferior little laptop" and then it tossed its hair at me like a snotty little girl (cause his computer is totally a jealous female).  Then I was like "AT LEAST MY SHITTY LITTLE LAPTOP DOESN'T SHUT DOWN ON ME WHILE I'M WRITING MY BLOG!!!"  and then I bitch slapped the computer and we haven't talked since. 

Just kidding.  I totally fired the computer right back up and tried to play the game again but she was STILL having none of that so it shut down on me again.  She's such a bitch.  She must have been on her period.  Not to worry though, John now has a giant fan pointing directly into the interior of the computer so it doesn't overheat again.  So, I've had many chances to play the game and right now I'm even 2 whole levels above John!  That's wont last long though.  As I'm writing this, he's wandering through a dungeon killing things. 

And that is the joy of playing Diablo 3.  John and I fight over the one computer that runs the game and I get a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side of video game playing when I'm the one who wants to play and John is whining at me in the background to get off the computer... the only difference being he wants me off so he can play, not so he can spend time with me. 

May 23, 2012

Adventure Log

I have decided to try to have a weekly adventure and to chronicle my adventures in this blog.  There may even be pictures if I remember to grab my camera.  This week, I did not remember to grab my camera.  But that's ok.  My adventure was sort of a non-adventure except for the drive to my designated adventure spot and home.

I decided to go to a forest preserve this week to try to have an adventure.  On my way there, an enormous spider the size of my thumbnail tried to kill me by running me off the road.  I ended up pulling over in time not to have an accident and bolstered my courage to thwart my little enemy.  He did not survive.

The particular forest preserve I chose was a little disappointing.  I had the trails all to myself mostly, but the influx of people had driven a lot of the wildlife away.  I walked along side of a squirrel for a while and I happened to see a few birds, but otherwise the entire experience was relatively uneventful.  I did manage to detox myself from being in populated areas, so that was good, but I didn't have much in the way of 'adventure' happen while I was there.  Later on, when I was a block away from my house, I did have a car turn into my line and almost hit me head on, followed by a bicycalist almost crashing into my car when I slammed to a halt to not get hit head on.  Exciting!

This was kind of a lame adventure.  I shall have to plan my adventures to be less lame in the future!  But was the first weekly adventure.  Wooooooo!

EDIT:  I worked it out.  If I have just one adventure a week for a year, that's 52 adventures.  I think I can do this!

May 19, 2012

WT: The Stress Monster

You may be wondering why Kris has been carrying this blog single handedly for the past few weeks.  The answer just so happens to be the topic of this weeks weekly topic: stress.  Stress is why I neglected to post by thoughts on cinco de mayo and why I asked Kris to skip last weeks posting cause I didn't want to spare 5 minutes to come up with some bullshit CAUSE I WORK AT HIGHER QUALITY THAN THAT!  At least I like to think I do.  But now I'm finished with school for an entire summer so the blog can go back to business as usual.  Actually, I'll probably be posting more often cause I have all this extra time now.  Meanwhile, Kris is still working her ass off and somehow managing to keep up with weekly topic AND making extra posts when I was MIA.  She must be some kind of super human.

So, for this post, I thought I'd walk you through my typical paper writing process.  Here is a step by step of practically every paper I've ever written. 

1. Initial encounter of assigned paper (for this example, lets say 15 pages) in syllabus. 

2. "I have 3 whole months to do this!"

3. Forget about paper

4. Half way through semester, remember I have a paper

5. "I should pick a topic"

6. Think about picking a topic for 5 minutes

7. Forget about paper

8. 4 weeks left in class, remember paper

9. "Oh shit!  Only 4 weeks left! I need to do some research!"

10. Pick paper topic

11. Put off research till 3 weeks left

12. Pick up 5 books from the library

13. Find 4 articles on Ebsco host

14. Put off reading until 2 weeks left

15. Read a few chapters

16. Make a super vague outline

17. Feel huge sense of accomplishment, take a few days off

18. "Oh shit! I only have 10 days to finish this!"

19. Panic

20. Decide to write 2 pages a day until its finished

21. End up spending 7 days reading and get 1 page written

22. Panic!

23. Write 3 pages

24. Panic!!!

25. 2 days left, write 5 pages


26. 1 days left, write 4 pages

27. Feel relieved that I only have 3 pages left. 

28. Next morning, wake up early

29. "Shit I need to finish this by 4 o'clock!"

30. Get mad at myself for not finishing sooner

31. Find the courage to finish paper

32. Turn it in

33. Life suddenly has new meaning and feels beautiful

34. 1 week later, write blog about it, get PTSD

And that is my process.  For smaller papers, its similar but toned down depending on the size of the paper.  If the assignment has anything to do with writing fiction or telling a story (which is NEVER), I actually enjoy doing it and none of this applies. 

Losing my Sanity

Angela picked the perfect topic this week:  Stress.

Boy am I under a lot of it.  A master's program is a lot of work and I am completely mentally drained on a daily basis.  This morning I woke up today with some great, creative ideas.  I haven't had that in a very long time.  I wanted to work on writing with them today, but I knew that I had a ton of reading to do and a couple of assignments to get done before I could.  As of right now, I have one more reading assignment left and haven't begun on the other assignments yet.  I no longer remember my ideas or care about writing creatively.

Stress sucks.  When there is no release to it, it feels like the world is a bleak and horrible place.  You feel sick and depressed.  But the worst thing about stress is when you know there's an end to it.  In a few weeks, I will be going to visit Angela in the strange state of California.  I am so excited that I simply don't care about school anymore.  There's an end in sight and it's a few weeks away, so the amount of work I am willing to put into any given assignment is minimal.  The irony is that this in turn creates more stress on me because if I don't do well, my grade will suffer, and I am desperately trying to maintain a high level GPA.

Clearly, my current method for handling school work loads is not working.  I am doing work at an unmanagable rate.  I am always doing school work...daily.  Whether I am also working at a school or not.  I never have a day that I can have a break because I tend to over tax myself and am never able to get on top of things.  Because of this, I think schools ought to include stress management as part of health classes.  I don't see a reason not to.  Especially since teachers have a tendency to overwork students with busy work bullcrap that has no real bearing on learning concepts.  It's micromanaging students, it puts more work on the instructor, and the quality of actual learning diminishes.  At least teach students how to deal with the stress they are being put under, that would be nice!

This rant has been brought to you by mathematics homework.  Thank you blog for stress relief!

May 11, 2012

Defying the Odds

So I got together with a couple of friends tonight and we decided to pick up some campy horror movies to make fun of and freak out to.  We rented "The Innkeepers", something about a derranged mortician, and "Don't be Afraid of the Dark".  With a movie about a haunted house, a movie about a derranged mortician, and a movie that looked like it was supposed to be about a haunted house, there wasn't a lot of room for error regarding campy horror flicks.  And yet, somehow, we defied the odds and none of the movies were particularly campy.  "The Innkeepers" was actually very well done, except the ending was weak and the storyline could have been built up more.  As far as acting and dialogue went, it was actually really good, though.  The mortician movie was basically a crappy Life Time movie which we shall never discuss again.  "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" turned out to not be a ghost horror movie at all, rather it was a dark fairy tale kind of vibe with not as much horror as one would like.  Although there were some intense moments which was pretty good and the child actor was really amazing.

Regardless, it boggles my mind how we could somehow be 0 in 3 for choosing campy horror movies.  I think we're losing out touch.  Normally we try to rent quality movies and get the campy ones...there must be some kind of reverse logic going on here.

May 8, 2012


Angela and I are busy this week, so we didn't come up with a weekly topic.  In fact, Angela probably won't be posting at all.  Also she missed last week's topic.  Lame!

I saw this in my backyard a few months ago:

Majestic hawk is hungry.

May 5, 2012

El Burro

Cinco de Mayo, a traditional Mexican-American celebration, is being celebrated today.  According to the internets, it is not the celebration of the Mexican Independence day (which is apparently September 16th).  What is Cinco de Mayo then?  I have done some personal research and I can say from experience that Cinco de Mayo centers around the scrifice of the painted burro.

The burro is tied to a rope which is thrown over a tree and hauled high into the air, making it difficult for the creature to escape its fate.

The burro is swung upon its rope to disorient the creature while a group of people surround the burro.

The people are blindfolded one by one, reminiscent of the executioners of old, and given a stick to beat the burro with.

If the rope doesn't hold the burro, it must be restrung and the ritual begins again.

But even so, sometimes the burro wins.

Another person will come and take the place of the burro beater.  They too will be blindfolded, the burro will be swung, and they will take a wack at it with their stick.

Trophies are made out of the pieces of burro they manage to dislodge.

The innards of the burro will be consumed or given to children to play with.

The ritual of the burro sacrifice is a time honored tradition of Cinco de Mayo.  It must occur year after year in order to secure a favorable harvest in the coming fall.  I highly recommend everyone go out into the world and purchase the sacrifical burro today so that we might have a bountiful harvest this year.  Also it's fun to beat things with sticks!

April 29, 2012

Some Kind of Irony?

So as I was reading Angela's post, I noticed a link in her blog.  At first I thought she posted a link to the website she was talking about, so I didn't click on it.  Then I scrolled down a little too far and missed the end of her post, only to discover that there is also a link in my post.  Now, I did not blog a link in my blog.  I am assuming Angela did not go in to change my blog.  I am also assuming Angela did not intentionally blog a link in her blog because the link does not go to the website she's discussing.  No, no.

The links go to advertisments.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Maybe it's because we picked the advertisement topic this week, but I've been noticing ads a lot more lately.  For instance, today while I was on facebook, I suddenly realized I'd been seeing ads posted on my facebook page.  I did not link these adds to my facebook.  I don't want them there.  I don't want people thinking I endorse these products.  In fact, facebook is telling people that I endorse these products.  Why else would it be linked to my facebook page?  People link the things they like to facebook.  That is a whole new level of invasiveness and guile.  I don't anyone reading my facebook page to click to these products.  I do not endorse them.

Now blogspot is linking links in my blogs?  Again, I don't want anyone reading them or clicking on them and thinking that I endorse these products.  And then what happens when I actually do link something?  Will people assume it is an ad and not click the link?  This is a problem.  This is a problem that may result in buying our own section of the internet to avoid future incidences.

Edit:  Now that I've gone back, I see that they are orange links that keep changing places in our posts, so I'm not sure what they will be when anyone else clicks on them.  I have yet to determine whether this is an I.E. phenomenon or whether this happens on Firefox as well.

Edit II:  FAIL!  So spyware had been downloaded onto my computer which was giving me extra ads.  They are gone from the blog...but facebook is still a quandry.  I can only include that, yes...this is some kind of irony.

April 28, 2012

You want to sell me what?

So this weeks weekly topic is advertisements.  It was my turn to pick the topic so I chose this one because I came across an ad that was too good not to blog about.  At first I was disappointed because its about relationships and that topic was just done two weeks ago but then I realized that it could fall into a second category!  So I twisted the topic to fit what I already wanted to talk about.

So, I was doing some research for homework one day when I came across this on sparknotes...

At first I ignored it because who the hell clicks on ads?  They're just trying to sell stuff and nobody has money these days.  However, it popped up again and my brain suddenly process the information enough for me to say "wait.... what?  They're selling ex girlfriends?"  Of course that sounds ridiculous, but that's essentially whats going on here.  Even if she used to be your own girlfriend, this ad wants you to pay money to get back with her... they are selling you your own ex girlfriend.  Also this is pretty sexist.  Apparently there's no market for girls who want their ex boyfriend.  Either that or they figure guys are the only ones who are qualified to determine if love is real and worth getting back.  I don't believe either of those, so I'm going with sexism.

So I click on the link and behold this

And underneath was 9 boxes of information about what program you need to follow.  I have pictures but its tedious and unnecessary. 

I think the moral of this post is be wary of people trying to sell you other people.  That sounds suspiciously close to slave trade. 

I like how in the first picture it says "It's much easier to get her back... than it is to move on!"  I disagree.  Obviously something happened to kill the relationship so in order for it to work again, you'll either have to work on the relationship or (if you're just a shitty person) work on yourself.  There is no easy way out.  Relationships aren't easy so if you're choosing something because its easy, you're expressing your desire for laziness... which will ruin a relationship.

There's so much more I could say about this website.  Especially if I read all the dribble on the front page.  But for now, this will have to do. 


This week we were supposed to discuss advertisements and I was going to discuss this advertisement that has been on TV for some kind of insurance that has been bothering me.   It goes something like this:  "Scientists say on December 21st 2012 the poles are going to shift, causing gravity to hurl everyone into outerspace."  Everything is wrong with this statement.  Especially the use of "gravity".  I suggest the people who made this advertisement go sit beneath a coconut tree to discover what gravity is.

But as I was gearing up for a long rant, I was distracted with another idea.  The idea of the Superbowl.  Now, most people who watched the Superbowl in the past were sports fans who wanted to see how the season was going to end.  Superbowl eventually became a popular way for the average sports fan to gather in one location and pretend to be "there" wherever the Superbowl was being held at.  However, as sports fans usually bring wives along to these occassions and wives generally don't care about the Superbowl or the end of a season, a new phenomenon began to develop:  advertising became more clever to attract the attention of the bored people watching the Superbowl.

Generally, when people sit down to watch a show they are interested in, they do not sit to watch it because of the comercials.  People usually don't pick up the remote and say "I'm going to watch channel 8 today because I love those comercials, they crack me up."  Or "Boy, I can't wait to watch Walking Dead.  Their comercials are the bomb!"  But the Superbowl had brought advertising into a meta state.  No longer do advertisements have to try to capture the attention of the people watching the show.  Many people watch the show to SEE the advertisments.  There are even advertisements for the advertisments.  This is something I don't understand.  As a nonsports person and an anti-advertisement person, I dislike the Superbowl more than most, so I might be a little biased when I say this has become completely rediculous and ask what the hell is wrong with people.  Then again, perhaps I'm the outside voice of reason trying desperately for people to realize how they have been tricked into this situation.  Hey!  Here's a stellar idea.  Maybe if you got invited to a Superbowl party and don't like the game, instead of falling prey to the advertisers, you could designate a room for awesome movies or games?  Be proactive!  Stop the madness!

April 21, 2012

WT: Adventure

This week Kris decided that we should blog about adventure.  This is how this particular post is gonna go down: I'm gonna start out describing some half ass adventure I had this week and then try and loosely connect it to some reading I did today and some crazy idea I came up with.  So, by the time this post is concluded, I will have completely diverged from the topic of adventure.

First point of business: Kris told me to have an adventure this week.  I didn't really plan on actually doing it because I have lots of homework to do so I figured I'd just dredge up some old story about times past and try to draw some new insight into what happened.  However, without even realizing it, I actually did go on an adventure and forgot that I was fulfilling the assignment until Kris mentioned that she neglected to go on hers (suck it).

Adventure of course can be loosely defined so I consider anytime I exit the apartment for any length of time without the car to be an adventure.  Of course adventure can also include an automobile but you have to do something extra special with them to be considered an adventure like go on a road trip or drive around with no destination. 

This particular adventure was simply a walk in the neighborhood which I initiated because John and I neglected going to the gym that morning.  We ended up walking close to 3 miles though so our walk more than made up for lost exercise.  We delivered a letter to the post office and then settled down at wienerschnitzel for some ice cream.  At least that was the plan.  Actually, I ate ice cream and John had hot dogs.  Super exciting, I know; it gets better.  After our stop at hot dog heaven (insert some sarcastic intonation) we headed over to dimple records to look for movies about communism because SOMEHOW John convinced his professor to let him write a 10 page paper about movies.  Then we went home and showered because its pretty hot outside.  There was a nice breeze though so we were pretty comfortable the majority of the time.

Anyway, to loosely connect this to academia, reading books is kind of like an adventure in that it takes you places and causes you to think about things you would not otherwise go/think about.  I am well aware that that last sentence was a disaster.  I'm actually impressed with the speed at which this post is coming along.  Usually I demand complete perfection before I continue on to my next thought but for some reason, I feel like just letting it slide.

Anywhozers (again), I'm reading The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey and let me tell you, this guy thinks he's God's gift to Christianity (seriously).  He tells us a bunch of stuff that some guys came up with in the 19th century and he pretends like its been in the Bible the whole time.  Also he basically calls Jews idiots... and pretty much anyone else who has the audacity to suggest the Bible is not literal.  In fact everyone is an idiot who does not understand the Bible and biblical prophesy EXACTLY the way he does.  And we wonder why.... never mind that's really not the point. 

For SOME REASON while I was reading this psycho babble about how Philosophy of Religion is secretly witchcraft, I thought of this weird idea (that I swear I've had before... or maybe I heard it somewhere else and am just taking credit for it).  What if every person in the whole world is actually the same person?  I don't mean like the whole Buddhist "we are one" theory (although that could tie in nicely) I mean like what if one person was reincarnated after they die into someone else and this process just kept happening until that person lived the life of every single person in human history?  Think about what that would mean.  Essentially we would be fighting and disagreeing with ourselves. 

Someone's probably gonna read this and be like "there's already a whole religious system built around that concept" and then sue me for copyright infringement.  Either that or I just started a new religion.  Not that I believe it.  But then, who really believes in the religions they start?  I have a hard time believing that L Ron Hubbard really believes in Scientology.  By 'hard time' I really mean 'not at all'. 

Did you see?  I'm not even talking about adventure anymore.  I have come to the end of my own prophetic statement at the beginning of the post.  It's easy to prophesy your own actions.  I have about 90% accuracy rate.  I think this post is a record for me.  I hope no one got bored. 

A Jedi Craves Not These Things

I really, really, really wanted to have an adventure this week.  I had adventures in misadventures instead and now I don't have time to go out seeking adventure.  Which is sad, because I told Angela she had to have an adventure this week too.  Only I don't know whether she did or not.  She probably didn't because she was busy too.

Then I started to think about what qualified as an adventure.  I tried very hard to fit up some new experience I'd had this week as an adventure.  But I think in order to have an adventure, you have to experience personal growth on the journey.  I don't think I experienced personal growth this week.  I think I experienced frustration and irritation, but not necessarily personal growth.

Then, I tried to fabricate an adventure.  But the people I was fabricating an adventure with didn't experience personal growth either.  That was my bad.  There should have been a personal growth moment there...somewhere.  But I failed to provide opportunity for personal growth.  So there was no adventure there either.

THEN I tried to write about previous adventures and include Angela.  But Angela has pretty much covered those bases.

Oh!  Oh wait!  Now I know!  I will discuss the time we had a Chicago adventure together:

Angela was looking at going to a college in the state of confusion where I live, so we were going to Chicago to look at a school for ourselves. Only we were too poor to take a taxi and neither of us knew the bus routes, and there was one train that would take us mostly to where we needed to go, but we had to find the train station first.  Being the pro from Chicago that I am, I set us off in the wrong direction.  We boldly walked further and further away from our destination.

About the point I realized something was amiss was when we entered an area that was starting to look kind of shady.  I had Angela duck with me inside of a place so we could reorient ourselves off of the street.  The place we ducked into was pretty much a dive and at that point I realized if we just head back the other way, quickly and boldly, maybe no one would notice we were lost and come hastle us.  So we did just that!

Eventually we managed to find the train that took us into the area we wanted and we made it to the school.  We sat in on some classes, ate their food, got shown a really, really old book that belonged to Martin Luther, and then Angela was put on the spot with a councilor to tell them whether or not she was going to go there.  She didn't end up going there, but we did make it home with less confusion!

We were two women, alone in a big city and we persevered!  Woo adventure! was no personal growth there either.  DANGIT!

April 17, 2012

A Quick Aside

This is for my own mental stability and is not part of our weekly topics.

Grading notes.  I have never in my life encountered this particular line of bullshit before, even though I have run into others who have experienced it.  Let's be real teachers:  students take notes or don't take notes for their own benefit.  If something isn't going to benefit them, they don't need to note it.  If a class has no further use for a student when it's done, then the chore of writing additional notes and printing them out so that you can be sure that students are taking notes and printing them out only succeeds in wasting paper and irritating students.  Not all students need to take notes because some have the capacity to remember things on their own.

Just because a student is taking notes:
A) doesn't mean they are actually paying attention to what they are taking notes on.
B) doesn't mean they will ever actually use these notes

I was regoriously taking notes for this class I'm in because it's part of a grade, but the book is irritating because it has no relevance for me and the subject matter is boring and repetative.  I swear, I have only read two chapters so far and from the beginning to the middle of the book, the author has said nothing new.  From the notes I took on chapter 1, I have added nothing new.  And yet, if I don't take these notes, my grades suffer.  Not to mention I have no desire to teach this subject or this grade level.  My conclusion:  These notes are taking HOURS to write, I remember nothing from the text when I'm done, I'm bored and irritated because this isn't my subject or grade level, and I am basically wasting my time so that the instructor can pretend like she's teaching me something.  What a waste of money, time, and mental energy.

April 14, 2012

Weekly Topic: Relationships

Since Kris did an info graphic, I thought I would be a sheep and follow suit. 

The point is that no matter what kind of relationship you have, somebody will be judging you.  If you manage to get past the single stage (the one where people feel sorry for you for not being competent enough to find someone) then you go into the annoying new couple phase where people are disgusted by your cutesyness.  Then you may pass into the boring couple phase where people are inspired to wonder why you're even together.  However, if you manage to find the perfect balance and be a perfectly happy non-disgusting-cutesy couple, then people are just going to hate you for being happy cause they're super jealous.  I think my point is supposed to be you can't win, but you totally can because who really cares what other people think?  There are people who hunt big foot as if he's Jesus Christ.  Their opinions do not factor into my sense of self-worth.

Moral: Being single is awesome.  Being in a relationship is awesome.  Both of these things are true. 

April 12, 2012

Nuff Said

(In case it isn't clear, the last image is time)

Edit:  I fixed the stupid typo...I can't believe it took a week to realize there WAS a typo.

April 8, 2012

This is what I did for Easter

These are my nephews.  I secretly video taped them while Michael was demonstrating his sweet dancing skills.  Enjoy. 

Happy Easter!

I don't know how normal this is for anyone else, but I remember when I was young getting two Easters.  That is, we would color and hunt easter eggs and Easter baskets at home, but then we got to do it again a few hours later.  There was a time when we spent every holiday with my grandparents at their farm house and my grandparents were some of the most generous people I've ever known.  Even though they hardly had any trick-or-treaters, they would always buy bags of candy to hand out.  They made full Easter baskets complete with candy bunnies for all of their grandchildren.  They also used to do a lot with the church and I could almost always remember my grandmother making some kind of food goods "just because" for various things going on at the church we attended.

Hunting Easter eggs at the farm was always interesting.  There were lots of places to hide eggs, but somehow I was hardly ever able to find them.  Then again, with all of the grandkids, there could be 3-7 pairs of eyes at any given time looking for them out around the yard; depending on whether or not the older kids were into it and some of our cousins were around.

It also meant lots of food and usually a highly decorated sugar egg or cake.  I remember the sugar eggs; hollow on the inside, usually full of grass, jelly beans, and little chocolates, decorated with frosting, and colored to look very pretty.  I only remember one cake though.  It was made to look like a lamb and it was the most intricate, realistic cake I've seen even to this day.  I don't remember eating any of those things, but I remember my grandparents always spent time or money to make or buy them anyway just for decoration.  This is Easter for me.  Getting up early to hunt eggs and baskets, going to church, then changing at my grandparents' house to hunt Easter eggs and baskets and eventually run around like maniacs on their farm.  Good times.

Happy Easter!

April 7, 2012

Day 40: The End

Lent is almost over.  This is my last lent post until (possibly) next year!  All of my new posts will be non-lent but equally random and/or 50% cat-filled.  I'm glad I had Kris this year to pick up my slack and divert attention away from me forgetting to post.  And she even gave up soda!  I didn't give up anything!  Although, you could argue that I also gave up soda but that's only because I hate it.  I think soda was invented by Satan.  It attacks your mouth with bubbles made out of carbon... or something.  I'm not really sure how soda is made.  The devil does not like to divulge his secrets.  But for some reason people enjoy this bubbly torture. 

Soda drinkers are a bunch of masochists.  I'm the only person I know who doesn't like soda, so chances are I'm talking to you.... you masochist. 

Happy last day of Lent!  And if I neglect to post tomorrow (I will) HAPPY EASTER!!!

I totally thought the bunny was throwing the flower then I realized there was a steam.  But its cool, just imagine he's throwing flowers at you.  Lots and lots of flowers! 

After Fast

I'm amazed at how my mental abilities just shut down while I was fasting.  I literally couldn't concentrate on anything.  It wasn't because all I could think about was food either.  Without energy, my body was just all lethargic and my mind completely unfocussed.  I guess I understand now why they say eating is important and not eating is a bad way to lose weight.  Aside from being irritable and otherwise feeling unpleasant, you literally have problems functioning.

I did eat at midnight.  I'm not sure if that's ok, or if you're not supposed to eat until you wake up afterwards, but I couldn't go to bed hungry.  I've done that before.  I wake up feeling more lethargic and can't function all day.  Tomorrow I need to do homework, so not being awake all day was not a possibility.  But at least I did it!  A lent fast!  One day was totally enough for me too, I can't imagine doing this every friday for lent.

Two posts left for me.  I'm going to post on Sunday since I've been doing that all along.  Woo!  Then I can have soda again...I'm just not sure I want to anymore.  Giving it up was probably good for me.

April 6, 2012

Day 39: Crispies

Yesterday I rewarded myself for finishing my homework by making Rice Crispies.... with Oreos!  I found a recipe on Pinterest and have been waiting to make it when I could find time.  And guess what?  I found it!

I modified the recipe slightly.  I replaced the plain boring oreos with super delicious mint oreos because they're my favorite.  It made them taste 50% more awesome than it would have if I had used regular ones. 


This is a piece I photographed right before I ate it.  Doesn't it look scared?  It should because it's seconds from death.  Delicious crispy death. 

I just realized, I only have ONE MORE DAY of blogging after this!  I guess we're gonna have to figure out our weekly topics soon. 

Hunger Games

Friday is our usual gaming day.  Friday also happens to be "Good Friday" this week.  This means that while I try to fast, I will also be around people who are eating.  I'm starting to think this was a bad idea.

It's only 11 but I'm sooooo hungry.  This is kind of funny to me because I've been playing Skyrim religiously and missing meals without even noticing.  Without distraction, however, it's rather hard to ignore.  But at least I can have water!  I'll probably be going through a lot of water today.

My concentration is also crap right now, so I'll probably write more about this tomorrow.

April 5, 2012

Day 38: Six Flags!

Crazy random thing happened today: John won ticket to Six Flags.  We were pulling into the parking lot at Sac State to go to the gym and we were listening to the Eagle.  The announcer said to text a keyword to the number so I did it and John did it because we have unlimited texting so what have we got to loose?  Afterward I even said "What were those tickets for? Some kind of amusement park?" and John said "They were for Disneyland." and I was like "Oh, cool."  But then our confirmation text informed us they were for Six Flags which is actually better because its closer so we can make it there and back in a day without staying overnight.  So we get out of the car and go to the gym and just as I'm starting on my treadmill, I get a text saying that I didn't win and a second later I get a tap on the shoulder and hear "Baby!  I won!" 

It was pretty sweet and I think it's God's way of making sure we go on a honeymoon.  He's like "They're free!  Now you HAVE to go!"  Maybe we can work in a trip to San Francisco to make it more honeymoonish. 


What is up with instructors and binders?  Every one of my instructors this semester want me to do a particular binder for their class.  Every one of them have different expectations for these binders too.  What this means is that I had to go buy a bunch of binders which I will never use.  They tell us they want us to have them to use as instructors, but let's be honest here:  a teacher is going to do things their way, not someone else's.

This is actually becoming a source of irritation for me.  Granted, I'm coming up with some ideas that I probably wouldn't have thought to implement in my class right away, but ultimately I don't appreciate being treated like a child when I'm in a Master level program.  So far it seems like all of the classes that teach you to teach classes are going to be this way.  It's rediculous repetative redundancy that I could do without.

And when I'm an instructor, I have every belief my students will probably feel the same way.  It's a vicious cycle...but at least they can be secure in knowing I won't be assigning them binders.

April 4, 2012

Day 37: PicSay

So I've had this app on my phone pretty much since I got it called PicSay.  It's a photo editing/enhancing/sillifying program.  Sillifying is when you make something silly just in case that wasn't clear.  Anyway, I've only just started using this program recently.  For example this morning when I wanted John to get out of bed and join me in the living room I sent him this picture...

It's so much easier to manipulate someone's emotions with kittens.  Then later when John went to take the trash out and talk to the manager and I somehow completely forgot that he had left the apartment and was wondering what the heck he was doing, I sent him this...

For the record, this is a realistic picture because she likes to sleep underneath his desk when he's in it.  Since he was not there, she had no reason to be under the desk and was starting to feel lonely. 

I'm going to send him this one later because he's off working on a project...

I may never send a regular text message again


One thing I remember from my youth about the last few days of lent is my grandmother fasting.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which days she used to fast for lent.  I think it was Thursday or Friday because Jesus was "dead" and therefore you fast.  Either way, I'm considering doing this this year.  I've never fasted before and I get the feeling it's not an entirely pleasant experience.  However, I feel the need for a change in my life and culminating my lent experience by steeping it in tradition sounds like the first step.  Either way I'll have to look into this a bit more.  I can't remember whether this is a three day thing or not.  Like...Thursday through Saturday.  With a paper to write and people coming over this weekend on top of school, this may not happen.  If it does, I will surely log it into the blog.

April 3, 2012

Day 36: School

You know, it's not just lent that went by fast, this whole semester is speeding by.  I only have a little over a month until summer.  In grade school that would make me feel happy and joyful but in college, it just makes me go "OH SHIT I ONLY HAVE A MONTH TO GET ALL MY SHIT DONE!"  That is how I will feel until I finish my final paper.  Then I will feel like my happy joyful young self who is done with school for a whole summer.  UNLESS I take summer school which might happen.  I'm actually planning on talking to the head of department today to find out if that is a possibility.  That's the nice (and annoying) thing about grad school.  It's not a straight forward system.  If I want to take undergrad courses (which I'm totally allowed to do) I have to get approval from the department head and the professor teaching the course so that they can both make sure I'm doing more work than an undergraduate.  However, there's a class I want to take next fall that doesn't have a professor listed yet.  This could put a wrench in my whole plan.  Or force me to take another class.  Both equality as horrible. 

Counter Point

Of course I agreed to write on a weekly topic with Angela.  While this began as a "Lent blog" it would be foolish only to update once a year for 40 days.  While this has been a great way to get me to write down thoughts about random things every day for weeks on end, I did like the idea of being able to slow down and consider posts ahead of time.  I've written a couple in preparation for this blog that I look forward to posting at some point in the future, finding them unsuitable for Lent posty goodness.  Lent posts are a time for rediculocity and randomness.  All other blog posts are serious business.

That being said, Angela is at my mercy for what I choose to post.  Commence with the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

April 2, 2012

Day 35: The Countdown

It's the last week of Lent!  This lent went by pretty fast.  Probably because I'm in school now and time in school goes faster because their is always homework to do and its always due before you're ready.  Then summers and breaks go fast because you don't want to go back to school.  Time is just mean like that.  I was out of school for two years.  Longest years of my life. 

Anyway, after lent, Kris has agreed to do a weekly topic with me.  She can't back down now cause I've put it in writing.  It's legally binding. 

I have a fever...

And the only cure is more Skyrim.

Spring break is finished and I'm back in school for another quarter.  I can already tell this is going to be even more obnoxious than the last quarter.  So the only solution is to get as much work done as humanly possible and drown my sorrows in Skyrim...or writing.  Writing works too.

But for now, Skyrim!  I don't know what it is about this particular game over the other Elder Scroll series, but it stands out as one of the best in my opinion.  I am completely absorbed into this game in a way that Morrowind and Oblivion failed to do.  I think the reason why has a lot to do with the different way they changed character creation and the CRAP TON OF QUESTS YOU TRIP OVER OMG.

Seriously, you cannot walk out your front door without someone running up to you and telling you that they need you to trim their toe-nails because you are the world's grunt.  Congratulations on being Dragonborn, now go out into the world and do menial tasks for everyone.  Apparently no one else in the world is motivated enough.  I'm hours into the game and dubious about whether or not I can take over the world.  It seems like it should be easy, since you're the only one in existence who can be bothered to do anything.  But I somehow get the sneaking suspicion that when the game ends, I won't be anything more than a very powerful thane of Whiterun...and Solitude...and many thaneships can one have?

Anyway, the game is addictive and engaging and I highly recommend it to anyone lucky enough to have the time to devote to it.  Someday maybe I will have the time to devote to it, but today is not that day...anymore...because I already mostly did...*cough*.

April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

One week and counting!

I actually wanted to talk about Palm Sunday today because it has a special place in my heart.  Around this time of year, my Mom, sisters, and sometimes my Dad and I would go to visit our Grandmother in Tennessee.  Since she passed two years ago, we haven't gone to her house or anything since.  I actually really miss it.  Every year, my Grandmother's church has a ceremony with fire.  I don't really know what the significance of it is, but I remember it because it was like having a bonfire at the church.  We would also get palms which we would sometimes braid into neat patterns during the palm service.

One time, when we were supposed to go up and get blessed by the priest, my sister accidentally decided to take communion instead.  She drained the entire wine glass as well, proving my sister is my mother's daughter when it comes to having a taste for wine.  I remember how mad and embarrassed my mom was about it, but it's pretty funny in retrospect...from a certain view point.

Our church sometimes did a pagent of sorts with someone playing Jesus and riding in on the paper mache donkey they stored up in the attic.  This didn't happen every year.  I remember it happening at least, the one year we weren't in Tennessee for palm sunday.  So maybe it did happen every year.  It definitely could have!

Either way, the getting of palms and the celebration of the last week of Jesus before he became crossed is one of my favorite celebrations for some reason.  Have a picture to celebrate!