March 28, 2012


I think this blog is turning into "funny stories about cats".  They just have so much personality!

Today, Cat was winding her way through our living room furniture.  This is a thing she does to alert us to her presence, when she wants us to know she's here.  Her tail sticks up in the air like a flag and she makes a point of weaving in and out of every piece of furniture.  As she rounded the corner of "coffee table" and "couch" avenue, she realized our lab/collie mix (Molli) was lying at the end of the intersection blocking her way.  The dog was paying her absolutely no mind, which just would not do.  So Cat, being the respectable feline that she is, walked right up to Molli and stared at her for ten seconds.  At which point, Cat nimbly lept over the dog, clearing her by a foot and landing five feet way from where she started on the other side.  Her form was perfect as she did so; back arched, tail up for balance, feet splayed.  After her victory, she walked away to find a piece of sun to celebrate her status as an accomplished acrobat.

Cats are weird.

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