May 11, 2012

Defying the Odds

So I got together with a couple of friends tonight and we decided to pick up some campy horror movies to make fun of and freak out to.  We rented "The Innkeepers", something about a derranged mortician, and "Don't be Afraid of the Dark".  With a movie about a haunted house, a movie about a derranged mortician, and a movie that looked like it was supposed to be about a haunted house, there wasn't a lot of room for error regarding campy horror flicks.  And yet, somehow, we defied the odds and none of the movies were particularly campy.  "The Innkeepers" was actually very well done, except the ending was weak and the storyline could have been built up more.  As far as acting and dialogue went, it was actually really good, though.  The mortician movie was basically a crappy Life Time movie which we shall never discuss again.  "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" turned out to not be a ghost horror movie at all, rather it was a dark fairy tale kind of vibe with not as much horror as one would like.  Although there were some intense moments which was pretty good and the child actor was really amazing.

Regardless, it boggles my mind how we could somehow be 0 in 3 for choosing campy horror movies.  I think we're losing out touch.  Normally we try to rent quality movies and get the campy ones...there must be some kind of reverse logic going on here.


  1. So... if you fail at sucking, does that make you awesome? Or double terrible?