March 13, 2015

Toddler Hunting

My garden is growing!  I didn't look at it for a couple days cause it was raining but I went out to water today and the plants are noticeably bigger.  Except for one squash plant.  I'm pretty sure it's dead.  I got clumsy transplanting it and it kinda fell apart.  It sucks because all the squash plants were a different variety but if I only have one causality, I consider that a win. 

So I put Bishop in a shirt that's 3t and it fits almost perfectly.  It's a bit long but otherwise fine.  I was trying to take a cute picture but he thought it was a game and kept running away from me. 

Here he is trying to escape.

Then I cornered him....

Blurry body shot

Blurry close up

And here I am chasing him around the room.

But finally he slowed down to play with his belly button and I manged to get a clear picture

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