March 1, 2015

My Garden

Well, it's the lent seasons first causality.  I forgot to blog yesterday.  But since I skip Sunday anyway, I'll just write today instead.  I also missed church this morning.  But for more awesome reasons than forgetting.  Bishop woke up late which means John and I woke up late so we would have had about 20 minutes to rush around and feed ourselves and Bishop.  Instead we had a leisurely breakfast and then went outside to do some gardening!  I bought some plants yesterday and now I have my first garden.  There's a six pack of random squash plants, one cucumber plant, some onion plants, and 12 tomato plants.  That last one was a mistake.  I meant to buy two tomato plants and John grabbed a pack and I wasn't really paying attention so we ended up with 12.  I guess that means I have a lot of room for error.  If a couple of them die it's no big deal.  If all of them thrive, we're gonna have a lot of extra tomatoes.  I'm also gonna need to buy more wire cages as they get older.  I'm just gonna wait and see if they all make it first.  I also planted some petunias in the front yard.  I remember giving my grandma a petunia plant and that thing thrived and reproduced like crazy.  Now they remind me of her so it'll be nice to have them in the front yard. 

Anyway, I need to wrap this up cause we're headed to the in-laws soon.  They need their weekly cuteness update. 

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