March 30, 2015

Home Stretch

It's less than a week now before I can eat sweets again!  I'll admit, I did cheat once.  Or twice.  No ones counting.  One time was for our anniversary so I don't feel bad.  I did pretty good.  I lost about 7 pounds.  I think I've gone as far as I want to with changing my diet.  I make pretty good food choices most of the time.  I don't wanna be so strict about food that it makes me miserable cause that's not how I want to live my life.  So I guess the next step is starting an exercise routine.  We're going to invest in a treadmill so hopefully that will give me a better opportunity to exercise.  I can walk while Bishop eats his breakfast and watches his morning cartoons. 

I wont be eating a ton of sweets either even though I can.  I was thinking about getting some of those dark chocolate squares to satisfy my cravings.  Maybe if my exercising goes really well, I can splurge even more. 

I've actually been feeling pretty good about body lately.  Maybe that extra 7 pounds just made me look plumper. 

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