March 26, 2015


I never told anyone this, but at the beginning of lent, I decided to give up looking at facebook and other time wasting websites from my phone.  To accomplish this, I moved all of the distracting apps from the desktop screen.  That latest a WHOLE day.  I've just been going down to the list of apps and accessing them from there which has slowed me down an entire half second every time.  So today I deleted all of them from my phone.  I even deleted the game I play every day where I collect butterflies.  I was pretty much done with it anyway but I decided to cut ties early. 

Smart phones should come with some kind of anti-addiction feature which only allows you to use certain apps or limits the amount of time you can use it every day.  Although I use mine for music now since John bought me a blue tooth speaker.  Since I got that speaker, I've listened to the mumford and sons albums like 50 million times on youtube.  They never get old.  I should probably just buy them.  I can't remember the last time I bought actual music.  Amazon sometimes gives me credits for 2-3 songs but I never know what to get.  I haven't gotten any lately though.  I think they stopped doing that cause I've been buying diapers instead of textbooks.  Amazon is like "you don't have time for music anymore cause you have babies".  You're wrong amazon.  Babies love music. 

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