March 7, 2015

Spring :)

It's a nice day in the Goodin household.  We cleaned most of the house today and all of the windows are wide open letting in the fresh air and random neighborhood sounds.  All of us are at varying degrees of sickness, Bishop being the worst.  When he woke up this morning, his voice was very scratchy.  It was super adorable.  John said he sounded like a 70 year old smoker.  But the spring air, clean house, and impending dinner guest has brought our spirits up considerably.  John and Bishop are off getting groceries for tonight and tomorrow so I had time to take a leisurely shower and write without interruption.  It's always nice to get a little alone time.  I do get it during the week while Bishop naps but there's always the fear that he could wake up at any time and my alone time will end abruptly. 

My garden is still alive.  Some blooms on the petunias are dying but it looks like new ones are ready to take their place.  Our plum tree bloomed and all the petals have fallen off already.  I've been watering it regularly in hopes that we will get bigger plums this year. 

Well, I'm gonna go relax while I still can. 

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