March 6, 2015

My son is a chart topper

I was just told an almost dirty joke by an old lady.  She was sitting next to me and Bishop in the coffee shop inside Raley's.  It was about how a man's wife saw 50 shades of grey and then told her husband he could tie her up and do whatever he wanted.  So he ties her up and then goes to the bar.  I was sitting there expecting some cheesy joke (and it was really) but as soon as she said 50 shades of grey, my mind was like "omg! where is this sweet old lady going with this?" It was kinda bizarre. 

So Bishop went to see the doctor today.  He is now 34 inches and over 27 pounds (I can't remember exactly).  But I do remember that he is now in the 75% for height and 80% for weight.  It still seems crazy to me because just one year ago, he was 0% weight.  Now he's big for his age.  He's definitely gonna be a giant.  I just hope he doesn't pass John cause that sounds uncomfortable.  Also, he did not get the vaccines he needs, even the ones he was supposed to get last time cause they were out.  The doctor said they get them from the state and they never know when they're coming.  You'd think with the recent outbreak, our government would be making sure there are enough vaccines to go around.  That's the downside to having Medi-cal I guess.  It's super cheap but now my son is way off his vaccine schedule.  It makes me kind of glad that I don't qualify for Medi-cal.  It's more expensive but I never have to worry that my doctor is too busy to see me or respond to my messages. 

Anyway, after the doctor, we went to Raley's to have some coffee and breakfast and do the smallest bit of shopping (cause it's expensive there) and that's when we talked to the seemingly innocent old lady.  She was having a social meeting with her friends and Bishop was wedging his cuteness into their conversation.  He makes friends everywhere.  Just like his father. 

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