March 11, 2015

Colds are jerks

I think my cold is finally breaking.  It seems to have mostly moved out of my chest area.  Hopefully this means I can sleep tonight.  Coughs are the worse.  I'm laying in bed doozing off to sleep and then *cough cough* and then my throat settles down again and I start falling asleep and then *cough*.  It's very frustrating.  Imagine someone sitting next your bed and waiting for you to drift into sleep and then saying "hey wake up!" and then you wake up and are like "what do you want?" and they're like "nothing, go back to sleep" but you don't believe them and you're like "you're not going to do it again right?" and they're like "Of COURSE not" so like an idiot you believe them and try to sleep again and again they say "hey wake up!".  That's how annoying my night was.  Then during the day, my cough is like "I feel fine, I don't know what's wrong with you..."  and I'm like "Fuck you!  You kept me up all night, that's what's wrong with me!"  Coughs are assholes. 

I just watched a new Game of Thrones trailer.  Shits about to get real.  I mean, it was already pretty real.  Only one month left.  Maybe we should have paced ourselves more with the last 4 seasons. 

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