March 11, 2015

The Flies

The snow hasn't even completely melted yet, there is still mounds of snow on the ground outside of my work.  Even so, there are so many flies that the buzzing drowns out the birds.  It is completely creepy.  The little bit of grass visible was moving from the amount of insects.  I can't believe this is a natural thing.  It creeped me out so much that I ended up having to talk with Angela about it because I wanted someone else's opinion on the matter.

The flies were all over the church and my office too, inside and out.  We are one week into spring weather and there are a ton of these things; what's going to happen when the weather gets even warmer?  Even worse, what does this foreshadow about the mosquitoes this year?  If the flies are as big as pennies now and swarming all over the place, what are the mosquitoes going to be like?

Ugh, I'm so creeped out that my skin is crawling now.  Blegh.

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