March 21, 2015

Long Days, Long Nights

I was about to go to bed when I realized, "Hey, did you post today?  I don't think so.  Did you post yesterday?  NO!?"

I fail at Lent and Lent blogging.  I almost doubly failed.  I only have eight minutes to post something and I had every intention of making sure it was going to be something of quality today.  Instead, I spent today at a retreat at church, then at my sister's place, then with friends.  And all these things were awesome, but they have also made it so that thinking is pretty much impossible right now.

I did get to play a video game from my childhood that I had never played before, however.  I turns out that while I spent countless hours becoming awesome at Game Cube's Smash Brothers Melee, I am AWFUL at the original Smash Brothers.  By the time I finally figured out how to jump so that I wasn't constantly dying on the edge of the map, I was out of our series of matches.  So much for "I'll figure it out quickly and dominate".  Despite the lag, I was actually quite surprised by how quick the characters responded to the controls.  We're so used to instantaneous responses now, I'm wondering how I ever used to play some of these games.  I'm going to have to dig my Nintendo 64 out of wherever it is and recapture some of my last youth.

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