March 28, 2015


John wants me to talk about how awesome he is.  He likes it when I talk about him.  So this whole post is going to be about him. 

John is pretty awesome.  He spent 2 of his weekends putting a shed up in our yard.  It looks really good.  He also spends his Saturday mornings hanging out with Bishop so I can sleep in.  I'm not a morning person and on Saturday, I get to be lazy.  He also cooks lots of delicious food.  He's taught me a lot of what I know about cooking.  I mean, I wasn't horrible before but I certainly know a lot more now. 

He never argues with me, even when I'm wrong.  I mean, we do argue about stuff but they're more like discussions in that we're disagreeing but no one is getting upset.  Those usually have to do with movies or TV or some kind of fictional scenario. 

He's very socially adept.  Whenever we're out in public in social situations, I never have to worry about awkward conversations because he always has something to say. 

He's an amazing father.  I'm happy that he's the one who will be teaching our son what it means to be a man. 

John being an awesome father

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