March 27, 2015

Lexi's Cones

I was just about to go to bed last night when I looked over to find my dog chewing her paw up.  I cleaned it out and managed to wrap it up for the night, but I was worried about her continuing to do more damage today.  I opted to get up early this morning to construct a cone so that I could ensure that she didn't hurt herself further this morning.  I missed the first attempt, but I documented the others.

Attempt 1:  I got the cone around Lexi's neck.  Within ten seconds, she smacked it against the door and it popped off.

Attempt 2:  After discovering that I didn't seal the ends of the cone properly, I wrapped copious amounts of duct tape around the sucker then tried again.

Perhaps you've noticed what I failed to notice.  In trying to make sure the cone wasn't too tight, I left a crucial opening.  Lexi stuck her paw in and snapped the cone off her neck like a trained martial artist.

Attempt 3:  I wrapped copious amounts of duct tape around the cone again to fix it.  This time, I made it quite small so that she couldn't do her snapping paw trick again.

I was pretty much convinced that when I came home today, it was going to be in pieces on the floor.  So I resolved to go to the store and get a cone for her.  While I was there, I also splurged and picked up one of these food toys that they have for dogs.  You put their dinner inside this cone shaped toy and as the dog plays with it, pieces pop out, so it turns dinner into a game.

When I came home today, this third attempt cone was still intact!  I resolved to go ahead and give her the actual cone, however, so that I could save my cardboard shame cone for later if I needed it:

Look how happy she is!

I then gave her the supper kong to play with.  It took her all of thirty seconds to figure out how to get the pieces out.  For a while, she was perfectly happy just rolling the thing all over the place, but she soon decided that was boring.  Instead, she discovered that if she put the toy at the end of the furniture and let it go, gravity would take care of the rest.  She proceeded to do this.  Over and over again.

Oh yeah, immediately after she finished her supper, she figured out how to contort herself so that she can get her foot into the cone.  Round four goes to Lexi.

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